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Old 10-07-2011, 01:33 PM
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Question 1994 Audi 90, replacing ignition tumbler


I have a 1994 Audi CS Quattro which has been sitting in the garage for 10 years now. When I try to turn the key, it barely moves at all.

- The key doesn't rotate

- It does wiggle around a little

- Battery was disconnected (pulled fuse 19 (anti theft), took the radio out, and still didn't work)

-Steering wheel is locked (tried wiggling the steering wheel around while playing with the key, didn't do anything)

- I tried putting lube in it to free any locked/rusted tumblers, but nothing happened

- The ignition switch was cracked, so I replaced it with a new one. (I think its called the ignition switch.... its this thing..... http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/...500_AA300_.jpg)

- I removed the instrument cluster, steering wheel, knee panel, partially the radio, all in attempt to reach the cylinder housing.... still cant find out how to get it out of there

- and now, i'm stuck!!!





THANKS a bunch in advance!

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Old 10-07-2011, 11:38 PM
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Default update

got impatient, and ripped the whole dash off

i was able to take the ignition cylinder out, BUT

I cant get it out of its housing, Genuine VW / Audi IGN LOCK (893-905-851 / 893905851) is the part which it is stuck in.........

its the part which clamps the ignition electronics, and which connects the lock to the steering wheel.........

So, ive determined I need a new lock cylinder for sure -- thats my issue. BUT

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Old 12-14-2011, 12:17 AM
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So, did you actually change the ignition switch? I can't tell from your description if you did, which requires removing the steering wheel. Some ignition switches had a fault where the internal spring's attachment would break, keeping the switch in the starting position. Roughly $16 at autohausaz.com. Unless you already have the factory manual, the Chilton #70700 Passat/A4 repair manual has a useful section on the ignition switch and cylinder removal.

Unless someone else understands what you mean, provide a photo to show what you are talking about. "The shaft inside the clyinder that inserts inside the electrical plug wasn't straight it was hanging down" doesn't ring a bell, so to speak.
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Old 09-13-2012, 04:41 PM
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I have sort of the same problem, I cant seem to find out what the heck this metal piece is called. since you have the same car, you have any idea?https://www.audiforums.com/forum/cla...s-help-187279/
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Old 09-13-2012, 08:26 PM
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This is from Alldata, enjoy.

Steering Lock Housing and Lock Cylinder, Replacement


Airbags and related equipment (e.g. steering wheel, steering column) must be disassembled, assembled and repaired only by trained Audi Service Department personnel.

The steering column and tube must be removed to remove the steering lock housing and lock cylinder

•Where applicable, disconnect airbag power supply connector.
•Remove airbag.
•Remove steering wheel and steering column switches.
•Remove instrument cluster mounting screws (arrows).
•Place clean, soft towel or equivalent over exposed portion of steering column.
•Carefully tip back instrument cluster; be careful not to scratch face plate.
•Unlock and disconnect instrument cluster harness connectors from behind.
•Remove instrument cluster.
•Disconnect connector from ignition switch.
•Using a small flat blade screwdriver, carefully remove protective cap for steering lock housing.
•Remove steering lock housing mounting screw (Torx(R) T-30) (arrow) from steering column tube. Tightening torque: 7 Nm (62 in. lb.)

Remove Torx(R) screw only when replacing the steering lock housing.

For vehicles with automatic transmission, unhook additional lock on steering lock housing.

If it has not been done already:
•Where applicable, disconnect airbag voltage supply connector.
•Remove knee bar.
Remove nuts (arrows) connecting steering column to steering universal joint (U-joint).
•Using a screwdriver, pry up steering column approx. 15 mm (9/16 in.) and disconnect from U-joint.
•Remove steering column tube retaining nuts (arrows).
•Remove steering column tube bolts.
•Push steering column assembly forward and down and turn until it can be removed from instrument panel.

DO NOT drill into housing too deep or lock cylinder will be damaged.


To make the job easier, place the steering column assembly and/or steering lock housing in a vise.
•Drill one 3 mm hole approx. 1.5 mm (1/16 in.) deep in steering lock housing at location shown.
•18 mm (0.71 in.) arc from rib on housing
•12 mm (0.50 in.) from front edge of cylindrical housing
•Using a punch or similar tool, press down retaining spring through hole (upper arrow), and pull lock cylinder out from housing (lower arrow).

If necessary, remove ignition/starter switch so ends of lock cylinder can be pushed together


•Place lock cylinder in "ignition off" position and slide into housing in direction shown (arrows) until retaining spring locks in place.
•If steering lock housing was removed from column tube, install lock housing (Torx(R) T-30 screw) and tighten. Tightening torque: 7 Nm (62 in. lb.)
•Reinstall ignition/starter switch on lock housing if previously removed.
•Install protective cap over steering lock housing.
•Install steering column assembly from below into instrument panel opening.
•Install steering column tube bolts and nuts, but do not tighten.
•Insert ignition key into ignition lock.
•Switch ignition on, so that steering column can turn freely.
•Using pliers, squeeze steering column and U-joint together.
•Install nuts connecting steering column to U-joint and tighten.
•Align steering column tube by sliding up or down so that the steering column does not bind when turning steering wheel.
•Tighten steering column tube nuts (arrows).
•Install ignition/starter switch connector.


If alignment as described above is not possible, loosen steering gear at mount and move until wiring harness has slack


If steering column and tube have been separated from each other, install spring first, then install lock washers on steering column.

The remaining installation is the reverse order of removal.
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