80/90 turbochargeable?

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Default 80/90 turbochargeable?

I was just wondering about the capabilities of the audi 80 or 90 (1988-1991)...to me theres not much of a difference between the two besides some interior options and a little wing on the back. To get to the point i was wondering if its possible to (easily) take the exhaust/intake manifold +turbo (and all needed parts) off of a maybe late model 5000 turbo sitting in a junk yard somewhere. Would this be easy?

I would appreciate any at all information on the subject. Thanks Dan

btw i posted this in another thread.... and it somehow managed to get in here next to my other one if anyone is wondering why i posted twice on the same subject..eh
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Default RE: 80/90 turbochargeable?

I'd have no idea , I wouldnt no where to start on a project like that because it seems complicated... If i come across any info , i will post

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Default RE: 80/90 turbochargeable?

Sorry for the late response but I just checked it and realized no one had responded. As for the difference between the audi 80 and audi 90 assuming you are talking about the Quattro models you are right, there isnt much difference between the 88-89 models boh use the 5cyl 10v engine, but the difference between the 90-92 model of the 80/90Q is the 80q still used the 10v engine, but the 90q gained the 20v engine which boosted hp to 164.

Now as for the turbo upgrade, of course it can be done. But if it were easy then well I myself would already have done it. The major problem is where you need to put the turbo and all of its componants into a cramped space. You already have the intake manifold, exhaust manifold, fuel distributor and air intake box there. Basicly from what I can understand if you were to use the stock motor it would require a lot of modification to make everything work, as its such a tight space. If you live in the NE area I know of a great audi, vw shop that does engine swaps. On a side note most cars of the 80/90 series that do a turbo upgrade use the 2.2 turbo 10v system which seems to work pretty

Also I have even seen a 3.6 V8 crammed into one of those engine compartments, but if you are looking for an easy upgrade this isnt one, and the 20v engine will give you almost the same amount of hp as the 10v turbo, so you might want to just look for a 90+ Audi 90Q

If you look on www.cardomain.com there is a few audi 80/90's that have done a turbo upgrade
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Default RE: 80/90 turbochargeable?

Cheapest way to turbo these cars is to do a MC-1 or MC-2 engine swap. AFAIK, the compression ratio is too high on all of the 80/90 NA engines. 10vt's from (87+?) 5kq is the most economical way and is good for ~230hp and near the same in the torque department. If you replace CIS fuel system and ECU, you can achieve more.
Also for a more expensive conversion you can find a 3B engine (1991 200q) for $$$ or an AAN from UrS4s for $$$$.

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