Clutch Went on 1989 "90"

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Default Clutch Went on 1989 "90"

Hey guys

Unhappy news the clutch went in my sucks lol but at least i get to work on my car. So anyone out there have any experience in clutch work and what its going to take, helpful hints anything really would be great. Anyways hope to get some response. thanks

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Default RE: Clutch Went on 1989 "90"

is it front whell or all wheel drive.
if all wheel drive there might be some problems.

get at least 2 jaks, and hydralic thing, that you jack up the car with.
make or buy at least 1 meater extansion for your sockets, with wabaly end.

There is two ways to do work on your tranny, first without taking the engine out, and second taking the engine out.

with taking the engine out you make your self extra work but it be easier and you could do an engine ovearhual and tranny ovearhull if you want.
without taking the engine out you will have to spend all your time under the car, which is a huge PITA if you are big in width, but you do less time and only the clutch. So its your choise.
Time table for me but its for me sooo:
1 - disasamble the front,
2 - pull out the engine. <<couple of friends
3 - disasamble the engine, start cleaning with diesel fuel and tooth brush
4 - order new parts and continue cleaning and disasambaling, and start the tranny disasambeling.
5 - if lucky and parts come start asembeling and lubing
6- finish up the rest like tranny
7 - call friends back and start puting it all back
8 - start asembeling the front
9 - finish up.
10 - call the friends, get 2 or 3 cases of bear, start the baby up. OR first do the cold work up. drive around and be astonished by your finish up. Engine might sound very quite.

Numbers are days^^^^^
Cold work up is: need a oil gage, or disconect injectors and ignition and use the ignition power to see the presure gauge in the cluster, need someone to pull you or drunk friends to push, for like 30 min at 10-20MPH working through the gears starting from 5 and down and makig sure there is enought oil presure and keeping each for 5 min or more. This will ensure that the engine is working condition. this will start the wear of the parts without the heat and the presure. That will make sure that all access oil from the cylinders is out, and evrything is oiled up nicly. <<<The best way for the new engines.

There is a lot more advantages to cold work up, too many to list.
also if not me parts would be ordered a week before the work. Also the head would be rebuild and resited all again, with new valve seals and stuff....
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Default RE: Clutch Went on 1989 "90"

I have the 89 90 Quattro. I had the same ambitions of changing the clutch myself when it went 3 months ago but I dont have a garage or driveway where I could take my time. If you have a garage, car and tranny lift I say go for it. If not leave it to the professionals with the right equipment. my mechanic had my old tranny out in an hour and 15 minutes. ( I know because I watched) he then closed his shop for the day. he called me at 1030 the next morning to tell me to pick it up. from seing him do the work I know that if I have done it on jack stands I would have had hell to pay. Good Luck.
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