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Slamed_audi 07-02-2005 03:36 AM

Starting Problems
Hey i just recently rebuilt my motor buy myself and it wont start it seems to turn over quikly it has spark, air and fuel it will back fire now and then but it still seems to turn over to rapidly as if the cam belt is broken or compression is out. wat would be causen this and would any 1 know wat the compression should be?

Make: Audi
Model: E Coupe (same as qautto
Yr: 1990 facelift
Engine: 2l 4cly k-jet tronic
GearBox: 5 speed manual

anything else wanted to know just ask. help will be much appreciated

Current Mods:


2 12" Dub Subs
2 p4004 Rockford fosgate amps
4 sony 6x9's
2 6" cones
2 5 1/2 " cones
2 4 1/4" cones
pioneer head unit

Engine Mods

bigger 3lb fly wheel
twin plate clutch
bigger cam
titauam valves and valve springs
t51r Garret turbo (yet to be bolted on)
Motech m800 ( bolted on when turbo fitted)


Kyb all round
Super low kings

Handkook semi soft compound semi racing
17" chromes ( name yet to be found only set in country

Many more mods to come will update when i can be bothered :)

0fframp 07-04-2005 03:09 PM

RE: Starting Problems
Sounds to me like you messed up your timing. It is very easy to do on 4-Cyl engines with intermediate shaft, which drives the distributor. Align your camshaft sprocket and crank pulley marks on their respective positions and visually check that the ignition rotor is aligned with the high tension lead for the number one cylinder.

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