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adam's rotors: customizable made-to-order brake rotors how YOU want them! >

adam's rotors: customizable made-to-order brake rotors how YOU want them!

Audi A3 The Audi A3 offers cutting edge engineering, performance, and luxury in one affordable package.

adam's rotors: customizable made-to-order brake rotors how YOU want them!

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Default adam's rotors: customizable made-to-order brake rotors how YOU want them!

that's MACHINED-to-order, silver ZINCED, SHIPPED to your DOOR!

see our webstore for full pricing & options: adam's rotors | custom brake rotors, made-to-order
*NOTE: california residents pay tax...

the story...

adam's rotors inc. started out small and remains that way...a tight knit, self-owned & operated company.
the small outfit and one-to-one interaction creates only the best service with quick response even faster built to order set-ups. with top notch product, this lends hand to our success thus far...

working 24/7 throughout the day, any and all questions are answered within the hour to the best of our ability, if not instantly. being an online company we do business direct via email, instant message, and over the web in our ever growing threads. just ask.

we choose our relationships wisely as quality, performance, fit, & finish is key...
we are a fully customizable brake rotor company, turning a boring replacement product into an enthusiast's dream with a truly bespoke brake rotor.

Name:  ARRED-1.png
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Size:  173.5 KB

over the last 6 years, these 4 Audi threads have helped build this business...

1. v.1
2. v.2
3. v.3
4. current v.4

now, we are ready to continue our growth with the already growing support in your market, and join these boards to support this and offer our product direct to you.

adam's rotors | custom brake rotors, made-to-order

the info...

these are custom made, per order...you'll have them in about 2-3 weeks...
(this takes in account for ordering parts, shipping time to the shop, machining, zinc dipping, hub coating/curing, pkging, and shipment out to you!)

these are one-piece replacement rotors of top quality material, made PER vehicle.
...we ONLY make to OEM sizing, so we build the units to a particular vehicle, based on year, model, engine, drive, etc. from a spec book. ANY MAKE...ANY MODEL car/truck/van.

each set includes silver zinc, a corrosion preventative, standard front & rear.
any pricing we quote privately or see in our storefront includes: packaging, shipping, paypal or cc fee, the rotors, custom machining, dipping, to your door...
*NOTE: california residents now pay tax...

you tell us how you want them!
-slotted (most recommended for both quiet braking and optimal performance)
-dimpled/slotted (unique option. few offer this...)
-drilled/slotted (classic combo)
-AR race (exclusive double slot)
-AR street (exclusive double slot/drill)
-AR track (exclusive double slot/dimple)
-AR sport I's (exclusive over-dimple)
-AR sport II's (exclusive over-slot)
-AR speed (exclusive multi-slot)

again, silver with rust free zinc finish is STANDARD on all orders. this is a corrosion protection process/measure. BUT:

gold zinc or black zinc finishes are a subtle, unique, aesthetic touch for your rotors, very few offer!


*HUBS COATINGS add +$50:
this gives the rotor a nice clean, tailored, finished look.
the rotor is still standard silver zinc dipped, with a high temp, matte, baked-on finish.
available in both black OR red, and many other options...let us know what you need/want.

ONE (1) YEAR exchange warranty for:
manufacture defects per rotor...on all orders!!!

we also offer killer brake pad and/or stainless line packages with your order!





AR speed [NEW multi-slot!]:
Name:  ARSPEED.png
Views: 125
Size:  503.7 KB
[must be ordered with painted hubs]

AR sport I's [over-dimple]:
Name:  SPORTIsBH.jpg
Views: 162
Size:  692.4 KB
[must be ordered with painted hubs]

AR sport II's [over-slot]:
Name:  SPORTIIsBH.jpg
Views: 127
Size:  729.5 KB
[must be ordered with painted hubs]

AR race [double slot]:
Name:  RACEBH.jpg
Views: 132
Size:  740.7 KB
[must be ordered with painted hubs]

AR street [double slot/drill]:
Name:  STREETBH.jpg
Views: 126
Size:  687.3 KB
[must be ordered with painted hubs]

AR track [double slot/dimple]:
Name:  TRACKBH.jpg
Views: 127
Size:  801.0 KB
[must be ordered with painted hubs]


the NEW drill/drill/slot w/black hubs:
Name:  SLOTBH.jpg
Views: 138
Size:  991.8 KB

drilled & slotted w/black hubs:
Name:  SLOTTEDBH.jpg
Views: 132
Size:  813.0 KB

dimpled & slotted w/black hubs:
Name:  TRACKBH-1.jpg
Views: 133
Size:  838.8 KB

slotted only w/black hubs:
Name:  SLOTTEDBH-2.jpg
Views: 145
Size:  665.1 KB

drilled only w/black hubs:
Name:  DRILLEDBH.jpg
Views: 131
Size:  740.4 KB


our black zinc finish [slotted only shown]:
Name:  SLOTTEDBZ.jpg
Views: 181
Size:  992.2 KB

our gold zinc finish [dimpled/slotted shown]:
Name:  SLOTGZ.jpg
Views: 136
Size:  1.27 MB

our STANDARD silver zinc finish [drilled only shown]:
Name:  DRILLEDSZ.jpg
Views: 149
Size:  1.21 MB




AR braking...

also here at adam's rotors inc., we have our AR braking division...

1. rebuild your worn 2-piece rotors with AR rotors rings for a custom BBK!

Name:  APW_0379.jpg
Views: 176
Size:  668.4 KB

rotor rings & hardware kits for Brembo, Rotora, and StopTech BBK retrofits.
reuse your machined hats that came with your original discs and remount it to these brand new custom AR machined rings with fresh hardware!
save money...your rotor hubs are perfectly fine. plus, get custom options on your BBK that NOONE else in the world has!!!
we also offer a full line of performance pads to select from while you’re at it and all our rings (like all AR orders) are zinc dipped for corrosion protection.
black & gold zinc available too for +$50




2. full StopTech big brake kits, with AR rotor rings, available in our fine patterns & zinc finishes.

Name:  ARBBK.jpg
Views: 138
Size:  838.2 KB

it's official, we now offer full BBK solutions for those of you looking to upgrade to big brakes!
in collaboration with the industry leading performance brake company StopTech, we bring to you; AR braking BBK.

using top quality forged calipers, precision cut carriers, machined hats, stainless lines, & performance pads, we pair them with adam's rotors unique, made to order rotor rings.
these full kits now allow you the confidence, looks, performance, and affordability of a StopTech BBK, with the addition of our wide variety of patterns and zinc finishes.

we are selling these at normal retail price, with no additional charge/cost for the features and benefits our company offers for all it's products.
each set includes a full front or rear axle kit, with the customization options of your choice in machine pattern & zinc dip, w/free shipping on all US orders!
again, all of our kits (like all AR orders) are silver zinc dipped for corrosion protection, shipped, out the door pricing.
black & gold zinc is available too for +$50 per axle, and CA residents must pay sales tax.

choose from:
-AR race (our unique double slotting)
-AR track (our double slot/dimple)
-AR sport I’s (our over-dimple)
-AR sport II’s (our unique over-slot)
-AR speed (multi-slot)


get custom with our exclusive patterns AND finishes:

Name:  DSCF0078wtmk.jpg
Views: 131
Size:  67.1 KB

Name:  ARBBKBZ.jpg
Views: 131
Size:  142.8 KB

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over 2 years ago, Adam worked closely with a small letterpress company to design his personal business card image.
the design is entirely his concept, put into reality by an old-timey hand crafted plate maker, Fortress LP, using the original techniques of letterpress printing from the early 1900's.
the end result is very much Adam's personal style and was a huge hit once completed...

after years of people asking and a design worth using, we've finally decided to press out some AR shirts.

we'll be using a top quality, standard fit, heavy cotton black T-shirt with white screening on the chest, big front & center.
it will be tagless, including a custom AR logo & size image on the inside neck as well.
these are pressed out of a high quality studio in Southern California who does many of the surf & skate brands up and down the state.

here's a sample of the image itself...

Name:  CARDLOGO_zpsb188860d.png
Views: 151
Size:  559.7 KB

once the shirts are finished and delivered to the shop, we will shoot them on a model and get them added to the store.
we are taking pre-orders now if you want to snag one as a part of the first run...it's a small starter batch for family, friends, and loyal customers; so act now to lock one down.
we will be doing more to come, eventually in white and maybe some tank tops as well.

they will be available in S, M, L, XL, and XXL for $30 shipped USPS priority, within the US.

email/PayPal for pre-sale: [email protected]
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we're live! $28 shipped USPS priority within the US & APOs.
heavy weight cotton crew neck T's with a great classic fit. white screen on black, tagless w/AR logo inner label. they're on the site now.
visit the merch page found on the tab bar or simply add one to your rotor order when checking out.
limited first run...first-come, first serve in S | M | L | XL | XXL

Name:  APW_10221_zpsd6071789.jpg
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Name:  APW_1025_zps90de0b52.jpg
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thanks for all the support here...
grab yourself a t-shirt if you haven't already!
Old 09-29-2014, 01:53 PM
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September has been a great month...we appreciate all the inquires & orders.
we're always available via email, so let us know what you need: [email protected]
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it's almost that time of year again!!!
Old 12-04-2014, 02:49 PM
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how was everyones holiday?
Old 12-18-2014, 08:24 PM
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excited to have improved our packing/shipping materials...rotors are now individually wrapped and boxed to ensure they arrive safely.
Name:  1492504_10152973879801554_8370265494953001755_o_zps6da47ae2.jpg
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Old 01-12-2015, 04:30 PM
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happy monday...happy 2015
Old 01-30-2015, 05:02 PM
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we have some VERY big things coming soon...shooting for an end of the 1st quarter release!
stay tuned here, and be sure to follow our 3 social media outlets for some updates and teasers along the way.

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