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HPA DSG Upgrade...

Old 03-07-2009, 04:06 PM
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Default HPA DSG Upgrade...

I'm now a believer. One hell of an upgrade for any DSGers. I'd rank it up there with the Haldex mod for the 3.2.

These are done with iPhone Dynolicious app. Take it with a grain of salt. The 0-100 is pretty accurate. But the HP is way off due to the drivetrain loss mis-calculation. I wish I have 290HP...

This was done on an Audi A3 3.2 with the following speed/drag performance mods:

Revo (SPS+ 8-6-8)
Neuspeed Exhaust
Haldex controller
Koni FSD + Euro Springs

Winter tires/winter wheels (The wheels weren't really spinning that much, so I don't think the tires will make much of a difference, the winter wheels are about 5-8 lbs heavier each, so that might make some minor difference)


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Did about 5 runs each and they are within 5 hundredths of a second.


0-10(km/h) 0.58
0-20 0.98
0-30 1.39
0-40 1.91
0-50 2.45
0-60 3.16
0-70 3.82
0-80 4.54
0-90 5.46
0-100 6.38


0-10(km/h) 0.44
0-20 0.85
0-30 1.27
0-40 1.69
0-50 2.20
0-60 2.84
0-70 3.41
0-80 4.16
0-90 5.02
0-100 5.92

:thumbup: :thumbup:

After a few more days of testing, I'm still very happy with this mod. The shifts are noticeably smoother, especially under WOT. Launching at 5200RPM is nice and it's not as harsh as I intially thought. As advertised, the redline limit is bumped and you can really feel the power at higher end. Even if you are not an aggressive driver, you will enjoy the quicker and smoother shifts. I used to ask myself, how much quicker is 60% of less than a second? Will I be able to feel the difference? The answer is yes.

Going to supply a couple links from the R32 forum for your techies. No point of me rewriting everything as they are clearly more knowledgeable than me, and have written a great review.

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Eltonsi - thanks for the review. I have been reading about this upgrade and exchanged emails with Nik at HPA. I assume you were in one of the flash locations and thus able to get this done that way? It is a shame the mod isn't available as an ECU flash such as with Revo as it would be far easier to get and many more would likely do so - but I understand why that is not possible. I want to do this and am waiting for a location near Boston. There may be one coming up in NJ but that is a 5+ hour drive so not sure.

Hey one question on your revo switch...the 8 - 6 - 8 is that 8 on timing or throttle? I assume you have Throttle:8 Timing:6 Fuel:8 but wanted to be sure.

Lastly, have you considered the HPA CVP intake manifold? I am planning on doing that as I just finally got the haldex gen 2 in.
Old 03-09-2009, 08:51 PM
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The HPA flash is definitely work the 5 hour drive. Having said that, there are a few more companies coming out with their own very soon and they are also cheaper. Nothing has been said about the exact features. For me, I'd still go with HPA given the choice. People at HPA has been top notch in terms of service.

As for the Revo setting, 8 is throttle, 6 is timing (94 octane), and 8 is fuel (A/F).

As for CVP, I'm going to wait and see. There are numerous threads on the R32 forum about it. The loss of low end torque is a common debate. So until they have the proper software, the jury is still out there. Who knows, maybe I'll go FI maybe stay NA...
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