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Daswright949 07-20-2018 09:39 AM

Seek help with motor trans mount diag and other
after a trip where my new to me A3 3.2 Quattro (06 s line was put through some abuse driving my 9 mile driveway, started having some issues. After a coolant line broke off block had in shop was told had some bad/broken motor mounts . After driving a little while longer, started getting bad. When at idle the engine is rocking back and forth, can feel it and hear it. Recently after been on my bike nearly all, I took for a little spin to the store. When Iíd come to a stop Iíd hear a slight pop, sometimes at accel from stop. Mind you Iím babying it. So when I hear the little pop like something came loose and my Quattro goes. Iím guessing the movement is so much itís affecting trans. Iíve read the front mounts stabilize side to side movement? Iíve been looking into the diff mounts and feel like I might start with dogbone with the (trans mount and bushing? The round one underneath looks ok, but idk. Also heard of the snub mount. When engine under load at take off I feel if donít idle into it Iím going to drop some serious parts on the street. When cruising at speed all fine. I plan on replacing all engine trans body mounts. But right now Iím just looking for the best place to start.
Have some misfire issues also Iíll seek advice for another time. Canít afford to drop at dealer or shop really for this, as Iíve gathered these mounts are fairly straightforward and considered diy easy. This is my first Audi. Iím fairly competent with a wrench. And getting all weird accessing pita nuts and bolts etc. a bro going to help. Advice on which mounts would be best to start with?? Thanks . For any help, as I clearly need lots

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