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new audi tuner not new tuner

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new audi tuner not new tuner

Old 12-07-2007, 10:59 PM
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Default new audi tuner not new tuner

Hi all I am a dsm tuner(eclipse talon) and sold my talon and got a deal on a 2002 audi a6 2.7 that i couldnt pass up. Now i am ready to start to try to do some small mods such as diverter valves and i am looking to make a high low boost switch off of the stock n75 valve and an aftermarket mbc( a trick learned with dsm's) anyway i am looking for anymore cheap mods to do to the a6. btw the wife doesnt like me modding the cars so these need to be steathly mods. i am working on her though. she is the biggest hold back, even more than $$$. any help is appreciated.
Old 12-09-2007, 05:18 AM
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Default RE: new audi tuner not new tuner

If you are looking to use a MBC on the Audi. you are going to quickly learn that Audi is less for giving then the DSM. I will save you some time...it wont work you need a chip...in case you like learning the hard way I will help tell you why

1 the car only uses the N75 to adjust boost/more less

2 the car reads boost at the intake. there is a pressure sensor...you could try to fool that
but then you will shift the load and the car will think there is a negative boost deviation

3 not only that but the car uses the MAF as a gage as well so if you trick the intake pressure sensor. you will go into limp mode for too high of a MAF signal

4 ok so say you think you can still do it. the EGT sensors will get too hot because you don't have enough fuel and then the car will go limp mode for "system too lean"

5 the Audi uses the moronic system. This is a load based system and if 1 load differs from where the system is set for and the others are not adjusted then the car will shut is self down.

youcan spend hundreds of dollars totry to sneak around all the stops in the system with a electrical thing for this and another clamp for that but in the end. the car will never make the same power is if you had a proper tune
The best answer is the one I know most of the "DSM'ers or the do it your selfer" that come form the older systems don't like...Get a chip.....

this is a big choice tho. There are chips that will let you adjust your boost. but there are only two real choices

1one is GIAC this is older software that has not been updated in years but it still works
2 the other is VAST Performance....they have new software that will allow you to run more boost with less issues.
Either way you go you still need to contact VAST because they are the only ones that sell the part you need to make the GIAC file work with adjustment of boost.

There are several other great tuners out there

APR is one of the best....but you can't adjust boost and when you install parts such as Dp's and Ic's you are not going to get as much gain from the computer

MTM is also one of the other great choices but there also not very liberal with the adjustments

lastly all of the fastest ko3 cars (A6/S4)
have either VAST or the VAST/GIAC

I came form the completly do it your self BMW seen but after VAST helped me convert my Automatic to a 6 speed and replace my stock 4.2L with the S8 4.2L then custome tuned it. I would say they are the best way to go. I was/am a huge do it your selfer. if you don't know a good tuner the motronic will make you want to sell the car
Old 12-09-2007, 03:28 PM
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Default RE: new audi tuner not new tuner

Good post.
Old 12-10-2007, 05:18 PM
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Default RE: new audi tuner not new tuner

total agreement. I initinally tried the same thing you suggested (well kinda) I tried to make more power with out a chip. in the end a great tune is better than a the greatest tricks.

I am a huge vast suporter. I have said several times I am a huge cheap a$$. and the chips are not cheap. but when you think about the price vast charges for dp's and how you get raped every where else. I thought it was worth a shot. I have one of the fastest Ko3 A6's there is and I didn't have to spend a lot of money to do it. other companys seem to over look the A6 guys that is why I got the vast tune.
baskin is right there are a lot of great tuners out there but to push the limmits there are really only 2..or 1 IMHO

get the chip..you will get more power and it is a good chance to start a relationship with a tuner shop.
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