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twinturbomew 02-28-2007 10:36 PM

tips and suggestions for the new 2.7t owner
things you should look into first.

quick reference

any car with or around 60K

1 timingbelt replacement at 60K & 120K
2 front suspension tie rods control arms
3 check o2's they tend to start going bad and can effect performance
4 year 2000/2001 if you have a bosh MAF check and replace if needed. they start going bad but don't always fail. they just start reading wrong.

any car with 85+

1 check all above
2 replace fuel filter
3 check all vac hoses (this Is best done with pressure tester
4 check around the turbos around this mileage turbo seem to start to show sings of failure
5 check your temp sender and make sure you have a green one that is the up dated one

this is a little more info about some of the above

Dose your car have a new timing belt?

this is one of the things that will destroy your motor if not checked. if the timing belt snaps you will do major damage to your motor

Your stock turbos will blow sooner or later. it is more of a matter of when not if

stock turbo is a Ko3
Ko4's are the replacement turbos they come from the RS4.
there are only 2 off the shelf turbos for the 2.7t that are OEM they are the 2 listed above

there are hybrid turbos available. a ko3 hybrids is obviously not going to be as big as a ko4 hybrid
a chip is not going to make them blow but it isn't going to help.

A great way to extend the turbo life is to get Dp's. they will drop the exhaust temperature by 200 degs in some cases. not only that but they will alow the turbos to have less restriction and thus no work as hard to produce as much boost.

There is no reason not to get Dp's VAST performance sells tip and 6 speed Dp's for 400$

Also turn the boost down in the winter (if you have a MBC) or just completely disconnect the turbos from the N75 and have them make less boost


chipping you car will be the best bang for you buck.
All chips increase boost to about the same levels. the only difference is the timing.
So don't believe that one chip over another will blow your turbos

the best chips are from the 4 companys that have been around from day one.

APR great chip smooth and fast

GIAC very aggressive on the timing and alows you to expand to a mbc and other mods without any adjustments

Vast Performance. All out custom tunes for ko3/ko4/RS6/and GT's

MTM this is a great file they fall in between the other 2 options. Don't seem to be as popular only due to not vary many distribution states

I IMHO would not suggest getting a chip from anyone else


O2 sensors can go bad and so can the 2000/2001 bosh MAF check both every other oil change. if either are bad they will cause the car to run improper

Also check you deverter valves up grades are the 710N DV from the audi tt

get a pressure tester for you car and sest the system Twice a year this will tell you if you have any boost leaks

Get a vag com from ros-tec it is the best way to check codes and monitor the car

Vaudi 03-01-2007 02:10 AM

RE: tips and suggestions for the new 2.7t owner

TCullen 03-01-2007 02:54 PM

RE: tips and suggestions for the new 2.7t owner
Thanks for the info!

Baskin 4.2l 03-05-2007 08:25 AM

RE: tips and suggestions for the new 2.7t owner
This is great info. Might think about making this a sticky for the new people. Either waywho ever reads this and finds it help full should give it a

BUMP for great info and direction

votblindub 03-05-2007 12:41 PM

RE: tips and suggestions for the new 2.7t owner
good stuff

Frank Nitti 03-07-2007 05:37 AM

RE: tips and suggestions for the new 2.7t owner
Great advice and tips twinturbomew.... I just bought an A6 last night and checked the car over with all your advice and it helped me fix various problems I was having. Moderators this post should be a sticky.......Lots of knowledge and great advice.

oakpark 03-20-2007 10:32 PM

RE: tips and suggestions for the new 2.7t owner
thanks for the tips- realize this is an old posting ... but have an 03 2.7 T ... and a few problems.

1) there is a klonk sound from the front when i am braking .... could that be the control arms you mention should be checked?
2) there is a whining sound when i start up the engine ... just started 1 week ago ... sounds almost metal like ... is on for a bout 1 minute until the car is warm ... and then it goes away ...
3) general question - the battery indicator .... is 3/4 "full" is that normal? would have thought it should be in the middle?
4) Turbo indicator - needle never goes all the way up to the middle ... I would say approx. 45% .... do i not have full pressure in my turbo? could there be a leak? or is that normal?

thx in advance for your help!


2k S4 03-20-2007 11:02 PM

RE: tips and suggestions for the new 2.7t owner
I'm going to sticky this.

But IMHO, TB @ 60 is a little early. I'd say more in the 70-80kmi range.

Purchase a VAG-Com! If you don't want to spend the $250, purchase the eBay cable, then get the software for $100 from Ross-tech.
It's a MUST have for any Audi DIY!

twinturbomew 03-21-2007 12:26 AM

RE: tips and suggestions for the new 2.7t owner
thanks for the sticky 2K


the clunk is most likely the control arms

the whine could be 2 things. one the secondary air injection comes on in the cold weather for a few minutes and then there could be turbo whine some 02 and up cars seem to do that.

the batt gauge should read about what you are decribing

the turbo indicator...... I am not sure what you are refering to. but if you d not have a CEL on the dash you should be just fine

Baskin 4.2l 04-12-2007 08:00 AM

RE: tips and suggestions for the new 2.7t owner
Note to the new guys that read this.

If this post helped you Please give this post a bump to keep it current for the next fella that needs some direction and would like the info


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