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Old 01-24-2011, 12:41 PM
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Default 2001 Brake job

Hey guys, it's brake time for my ride. Just wanted to ask those who know if there's any tricks or traps I should be aware of.
In the past I've always just popped off the caliper, driven the piston back in with a c-clamp or similar, then bolted it back on. The only exception was my old Nissan that had screw in calipers on the rear brakes, and I found out the hard way that one was a left handed thread when it fell out of the caliper and gushed brake fluid all over my Dad's new concrete driveway.
Looking on Blauparts it seems like I have 8 pads on the front, guess Audi just can't do anything normal!

So is there anything I should be aware of? Thanks.
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Old 01-24-2011, 05:12 PM
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Pads only are pretty easy on front:

-- Fr: grab big spring on back of caliper with channel locks (behind pads), pop out of outside holes and hinge away, use big flat screwdriver to pry pads away from rotor (outside first, then inside)...watch your wiring for pad wear sensors..put the wired pad back in the same place.

--Rr: You'll need brake tool like this (for screw in piston):


Remove the guide pins from back of caliper, counterhold nuts with twin same-size wrenches. Pull pads, compress piston, replace.

Off course clean all the pad seating/sliding surfaces good. fr & rr with little wire brush and brake cleaner.

Front rotors need the caliper off to remove, 2 big triple-square bolts on back...high torque...think there's a little nut in the way of top bolt (remove).

Rear rotors, remove caliper frame as I remember from back..2 bolts? ...type?

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Old 01-25-2011, 12:07 AM
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S8 and A8 W12 have 8 pad brakes in the front

4,2 a8 have 4 pad brakes in the front.. check on your car through the wheel you'l see right away.
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Old 01-25-2011, 07:47 AM
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As usual, you're a fountain of knowledge silverd2.
Martin, yeah I had a second look on Blauparts, and depending on which link you take to their brake parts they may or may not have the 4 pad set listed. According to them you can have either setup depending on your VIN. Next time I'm standing by my car in daylight I'll have a look. Fortunately they're only a 20 minute drive away and they're pretty good at making sure you get the right parts.

Thanks for the tips guys.
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