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2007 Audi a8 w/sport suspension-few questions !!! >

2007 Audi a8 w/sport suspension-few questions !!!

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2007 Audi a8 w/sport suspension-few questions !!!

Old 04-03-2011, 12:54 AM
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Default 2007 Audi a8 w/sport suspension problems-NEW UPDATE 04/27/11

Hi all,I own a 2007 a8 4.2 gas engine(not L) with 38k miles.It's my first audi after several MB,Lexus,Range Rover and Bmw's .Audi is a very nice car but the parts are so expensive ,anyway i got few questions:

-every now and then ,after the car is parked and locked i do hear air release coming form the front of the car,the car drops and goes back up in 1-3 seconds.Is this normal?
-My car is with factory Sport air suspension,and the ride quality is nothing even as colose to my previous MB and lexus,The car drives as it has some aftermarket coilovers installed ,and it drives me crazy.The ride is not smooth as when an expensive car is going over bumps or small pot hole, I try every setting (standart,automatic and dynamic) and they all got almost the same damper settings,the car is stable it's just kinnda rough ride!? Is this normal and if yes,is it just the sport suspension or all a8's with air ?

-when the car is driven for a while and temp is normal,i do hear some clicking steady noise from somewhere (tranny or differentials may be) i do hear it only when am stopped but the car is on gear(no matter if it is D or R) if on neutral or P i do not hear it? (the car is with factory tiptronic/paddle shifters)

-When do i have do replace the tranny and differentials oil,went to the dealer they said it does not need to never!!!(hard to believe though)

Thanks to all for the answers (sorry for the grammar errors,english is my second language)


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Old 04-03-2011, 09:44 AM
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Hi Stefan,

I am not an A8 expert - I just picked up a 2006 yesterday, but I have driven many of them in the process of buying one and have read about the cars.

I did not test drive other makes and models. I have an A4 now and love the Audi look and feel so I wanted an A8, but I have read they are "sportier" than other high-end luxury cars and that typically means a car that doesn't lean as much and produces a stiffer drive. The automatic suspension is suppose to take care of some of that, but handling generally comes with at least some cost.

I drove a 2007 without sport suspension and with 18" wheels and it was noticeable smoother. No sure home much was from the wheels vs. suspension, but it had more of the ride you were hoping for.

The 2007's also seem to have more engine noise. I noticed the same ticking and lifted the hood. The noise was coming from the valves/cams. Audi also added Direct Injection in 2007, but this sounded like valve noise. Since I noticed it also, I would suspect it's normal.

Can't answer the other questions. My manual is on the way.
Old 04-03-2011, 01:02 PM
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Hi tegage

I was considering of getting smaller rims like 18'' to see if that will make difference in ride quality ,my car is with the oem 19'' sport rims .
BTW i do know that engines with chain are more noisy than ones with timing belt,but this noise sems to come from the middle of the car and only when am on gear and stopped,if the car is cold is gone,if the car is moving even with like 1-2mph again is gone.I tried to apply the parking brake,put the car on D and went outside to see if i can locate this noise and i can't hear it form the outside just inside....

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Old 04-28-2011, 06:37 PM
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hey guys ,finaly i got some good news

I took the car to not one but two audi dealers here in chicago,the first dealer said that everything is normal with the suspension ,that there are no leaks no fault codes etc.But again I refused to believe that this is how an A8 should be so I took the car to a another dealer(Audi of Schaumburg) for second opinion.FINALY ,after an hour and $135 for diagnostics ,the service guy came and told me that my car is been lowered with around 1 inch all around ,they did an attempt to re-ajust the suspension but failed !?!? he also said and I quote here "I do not know what software is used to lower the car ,but we were not able to return the original settings'' .And so I left the dealer happy that now at least I had point to go from,finaly after 2 days on the internet I found out that the only software that it could have been used to lower the car is the ROSS-TECH one.So I bought the cable from them ($360 shipped) and after 5-6 failed attempts ,finaly did what the audi dealer failed-return the original suspension settings ,and re-calibrate the suspension.The ride quality went form negative to positive in like 30minutes.Am very happy with the result ,also i did reset the service reminder indicator with the ross-tech cable(you can do so many things with it).
Old 04-28-2011, 09:20 PM
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You've only just scratched the surface of what the VAG-COM can do, stefanm. The best part is that the next time you need to go to the dealer, should should have a really good, if not definitive, answer to what the problem is before you even get there. Mine has paid for itself several times over.

Now, look into the Bentley manual so you can do some of your own repairs and you'll really be beating the system!
Old 04-29-2011, 06:37 AM
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I'll be buying the repair manual then
Old 06-14-2011, 06:34 PM
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Well fellow Audi fans ,here’s some new updates -the car is gone for good .After 9 months ,over $3000 spend on repairs and still having problems with this junk of a car. Here some chronological order on all the problems I had, and the ones I did not had the will to fix.
I purchased the car with 33k miles in the end of October 2010
- In3 weeks after that, a check engine light came out-O2 sensor
- In3-4 weeks after that, radiator replacement
- In2 months, again check engine light and another O2 sensor
- In 1month, transmission error code (torque sensor)
- then, control arm bushings and air compressor relay(I was also told that the air compressor will be dead soon,had been realy noisy )
- HVAC problems
-the last 3 weeks I started having transmission problems when downshifting, called Audi and they offered me to replace the oil for $1100 but informed me that it may not go away and it may start to slip and quote ‘’then you’re on your own’’
-also the last month had a very rough idle and vibrations, I did replaced the coils and spark plugs and nothing
Definitely this is the worst car I ever had, after lexus, MB, range rover, infinity and a Bmw. I would advise anyone not the buy the a8 D3 (cannot comment on other Audi models). It is unacceptable for a car of this class that cost 90k new to have so many problems on low mileage and this early.
Btw I will be selling some stuff that I still have left. Ross tech cable with repair manual CD,rims with new tires,OEM carpet floor mats,and few others .I will post in the ‘’parts for sale’’ section of the forum.Rims and Ross-tech cable are now for sale


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Old 06-21-2011, 11:17 PM
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The more technology you put into a vehicle, the more technology there is to fix. I have a few D3 customers with 100k plus miles on their vehicles and one with 180k miles (with no major problems) and they are not cheap to maintain or fix. But they are good vehicles if you can keep up with the repair bills. Sorry to hear you had such a bad experience with you 2007 A8
Old 06-22-2011, 03:10 AM
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