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helping my boss buy an A8L

Old 04-12-2010, 11:43 PM
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Default helping my boss buy an A8L

Hi Everyone,

I've been tasked with the fun job of helping my boss find a 2010 A8-L. I own the 2008 TT and am in love with Audis...however, I am a girl and have always had boyfriends to help me get cars (until now).

My boss would like to buy the car from the dealer and I've never helped anyone buy a car before. How much can we negotiate on price? The dealer in my area has the car he wants for $91,605. Is that firm? Can we talk him down at all? I've done some research and it seems like 2010 A8L's go from 88-94K and my boss wants to make sure he doesn't get ripped off (but doesn't have the time to do the legwork).

I'd really appreciate the help!
Old 04-13-2010, 10:39 AM
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I would really suggest that he wait a year for the 2011 A8L. It's a vastly improved car and the price although slightly higher according to Audi reps has tons of improvements over the former D3 platform. If he just wants a 2010 he should be able to shave at least 3-4000.00 off the price tag, Audi has been making deals at some locations.
Old 04-13-2010, 11:05 AM
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thanks for the reply...i agree and suggested that he wait for the new 2011 but he really wants to move on a car soon.

where did you come up with the 3-4 k figure? do you (or does anyone) know of a place where i can find out what people have paid for their 2010 A8L?

thanks! -jen
Old 04-13-2010, 11:18 AM
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I live in DC metro area, at the two VA dealerships I deal with both have tried to have me trade in my 2007. The best deal I was presented was 84900 for a fully loaded A8L with no trade. They know I'm waiting on the 2011 longwheel base model, but they are looking to move inventory. Two things will move the deal in your favor the amount of cash down and great credit. Good luck with it!
Old 04-13-2010, 11:34 AM
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That makes sense. He's going to pay cash for the car...he just wants to buy it outright. So if they are offering it to us for 91,500, do you think I should tell him to knock off 4K and offer them 87,500 or should he try to go lower knowing that they will negotiate?

Thank you so much!
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I don't know where you live, I paid cash on my 07 and got a 84,000 dollar car for 79,999. It's all based on inventory on site at the time of purchase. He's in a favorable situation due the new model arriving this fall and Audi is looking to push this new model when they are available. And I think at 87500.00 there is room for both parties to come out ahead. Keep us posted, he'll love the car.

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DON'T let him walk into the dealership telling them he wants to pay ca$h. Have him negotiate as though he's gonna finance it for a full 60 months. Here's why:

Dealerships make their loot in kickbacks from the finance companies, who make their money on interest payments.

Negotiating the price of the car based on payments will get you a lower price, overall, since you're going to be working on the premise that you are shooting for a monthly payment amount versus price of the car. The dealer will eat a few grand in price just to close the deal and get you signed. Once you have an agreement, IN WRITING, on the price of the car, whip out your wad and pay on-the-spot. They lose/YOU WIN!!! Of course, they'll try to ream him on maintenance, every time he comes in for an oil change...
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I'd wait for the 2011 model as well.
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