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Opinions Needed 98 vs 01 Longwheel

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Opinions Needed 98 vs 01 Longwheel

Old 08-12-2006, 02:48 AM
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Default Opinions Needed 98 vs 01 Longwheel

Any opinions greatly appreciated.

Currently have a 98 that already has had most of the inherant problems corrected and scheduled maintenance done. Oil cooler seal, gearbox leak, blower motor and new timing belt/water pump... assorted front suspension pieces, etc.

Overall it has been a really nice car. Upgraded 2004 18" wheels, color match rocker panels painted... at approx. 118K miles it is a great and dependable car.... but in my opinion it is starting to look a bit dated and older.

I found an unbelievable deal on an 01 longwheel base with only 72K miles.... and a good chunk of that highway. Books, records and a pretty solid 8.5 on a 1 - 10 condition scale. A detailing will make it 9.4

The 01 L will cost me approx 6K more over what I think I can sell my 98 for.

Knowing the models like some of you do, would be inclined to move up to the 01 L or just pile the miles on the 98.

The L series are one long car but according to specs are only approx 5" bigger.... they look much longer than that.

It is strictly a money and future cost issue.... but the 00-03's simply look better than the 97-99 models, agree??

Any comments, advise or verbal abuse (within reason) greatly appreciated!

thanks, BJ
Old 08-13-2006, 12:58 AM
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Default RE: Opinions Needed 98 vs 01 Longwheel

Hmm, would you really want to do all the services you've listed again, for a car thats 50K miles newer?

The 01-03 facelifted cars only look better/different to you, the averago joe won't know that its an A8L (as opposed to the swb A8), or what year it is.

Honestly - wait a couple years and get a D3. The D2 has aged magnificently, but if you're gonna bother to swap it for a slightly newer D2, might as well get the next-gen model.
Old 08-13-2006, 05:08 AM
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Default RE: Opinions Needed 98 vs 01 Longwheel


Thank you very much for your reply. I value your opinion. Yes agreed on your message.... for the most part.

It is going to take a long time for the D3 to become affordable for us working folk. I test drove a 2005 earlier this year. Boy-O-boy what a ride and what a package. Scary part is I went home and actually considered it.... had a drink and came to my senses. Although nice I could hear the engine inside the cabin.

Thing is this 01 L rides significantly different than my 98 short wheel base. My car although has some miles on it feels much lighter and maybe a tad quicker off the line. The 01L is tight but a much more refined and a significantly heavier ride. The interior albeit similar is much more refined too. It also has that leather upgrade package extending it on the doors, etc. The leather reminds me of a highend leather couch.

To me if you amortize over the next few years the rapidly depreciating value of mine versus the inherant costs of the 01 with 72K on the clock, it is basically a wash.... break even or probably ahead. In addition I think a rocker panel body paint match would really upgrade the look and give it a ballpark similarity of the D3.... if you look at the front ends side by side....

The only real problem I have with the 01L is that is seems so long and heavy and the back seat is cavernous.... huge! And for some reason..... every accessory works on the car, imagine that?

Anyway.... I am still not sure what to do. It's only money I guess. One other thing is that my 98 has had some paint work on the doors although a relatively good match, I can pick it out and it kind of drives me crazy. The 01L has nearly perfect paint........ I detest selling cars and have to sell mine at some point after I get the 01 L........ As you know the average high end Euro car consumer has no idea what an A8 is and how nice of car they really can be... so there is a small audience to attract....

Signing off for now, thanks again,

Old 08-27-2006, 11:59 AM
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Default RE: Opinions Needed 98 vs 01 Longwheel

Some valid points were made, to most people they will not know the difference. I currently have a 2000 A8L and people still think it is a new car, they do not believe it is 6 years old. Most peoeple do not even know what an A8L is let alone AUDI. Just an understated elegant car.

I purchased mine used in March of 2006 and doing the work myself have spent less than $2000 including the purchase of new tires! Including oil and filter change, fan belt, coolant, thermostat, brake fluid, fuel filter, air filter, pollen filters, rear brake pads, wipers, headlightwasher, seat belt, air flow meter(had that done-do not have a VAG-COM yet). The car has no problems, runs great, gets 24+ MPG and people think its NEW. I have already been offered more for it than I paid for it!

I like having the large trunk, room in the back for adults and the smooth quiet ride. Yes it does seem a little heavy, but for me if I feel like driving in Tip mode it really does not feel like it weighs 4100+ LBS. There are not that many A8's anyways and even fewer A8L's - the long wheel base is what gets the car noticed by others.

Just my 2 cents worth of experience so far with an A8L.
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