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Old 07-02-2014, 09:11 PM
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Default B7 2008 audi a4 quattro DIY brake job, front and rear (how-to hell)

ok so i was foolish enough to try to change my rotors and brake pads on the front and rear. it was quite the hassle trying to find the best deal on parts and then getting the necessary tools. needless to say, it took me four days and 12-13 hours of actual labor (dont laugh too hard at me). the internet was only half helpful because most people only posted about the front or rear and about different models. so i figured i'd try to put the most helpful info in one post.

this post shows how to do the rear brakes. just ignore the OP and read the comments, much more helpful. with a 13mm and 15mm open ended wrench, you can loosen the slide bolts and take off the caliper and remove the pads and slide the rotor out. its kind of awkward and tight but it will work. be careful of scratching when putting the new one on.
DIY : Rear Brake Rotor and Pad Install on a B7

this post shows how to do the rear with better pics but doesnt cover the rotor.
quattroworld.com Forums: B7 A4 Rear Brake Pad Swap How-To

this video shows how to do the front brakes, i know its an a6 but its close enough

tools needed:
17mm socket for lug nuts
21mm socket for caliper bracket bolts (front)
14mm socket for wear sensor bracket (front)
7mm hex bit for caliper slides (front)
13mm and 15mm open ended wrenches for slide bolts (rear)
T30 torx bit or screwdriver for retaining screw (front and rear, not necessary to reuse or replace screw)
ratchet wrench/breaker bar or air tools to use sockets
plenty of rust remover, anti seize grease, and brake pad/caliper lube
wire brush to remove rust
brake cleaner to remove oil from rotors
mallet to knock off rotors
jack/jack stands
safety glasses

i think that covers what i had to do and hopefully this will help someone else. if anyone has any questions or needs an explanation, id be happy to elaborate.

disclaimer: this is amateur info and im not responsible for any accidents or mistakes that may occur if you attempt this job.
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Old 07-03-2014, 01:59 PM
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Well done! I'm sure the 12 hours of labor was well worth not paying out the *** at the dealership or anywhere else for a brake job. I like when people make DIY threads!
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Old 07-04-2014, 11:27 PM
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lol thanks. a local shop charges about $70 an hour so im guessing i saved at least $200. i had already spent about 200 in parts so i didnt wanna spend anymore, it was a pain in the *** but worth it to save money and learn in the process.
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