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Just want to share this story about Audi Kuwait

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Just want to share this story about Audi Kuwait

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Default Just want to share this story about Audi Kuwait

This Email was sent to Audi Germany:

Hi I have a complaint about Audi of Kuwait authorised dealer. I bought a used Audi rs5 make year 2011. The "Audi Approved" used cars soled it to me as model of 2012 which is different than model 2012 of Germany. They offered a one year warranty, and 3 years free service. The car had a 3 years warranty from the beginning, so the 1 year warranty they gave me does not have any value since the remaining of the 3 year warranty overlap with that 1 year. That also the same with the 3 year service since it came with 5 year free service at the beginning. Now why I'm complaining ? Because the used car dealer ( mustafa baker ) and his boss ( Sadeq) and the work shop menager ( a Philippines guy) and his boss ( a German guy) have all make me unsatisfactory by the customer care of Audi gives. My car since the day I bought it (12/5/2013) to this day (16/6/2013) have not been repaired as promised by the dealer. The car had a lot of damaged parts and areas. They do the repairs but one at a time. But they always say we did all the repairs. And when I come to pick the car I find out that they only did one thing and leave all the other things. And they lie about the due time of job finish. For example they kept me waiting in the workshop for 2 whole working days for nothing. Here is the situation; my car was pulling to the right, so I brought the car early in the morning and the head of the workshop told me don't worry it will be fixed today, after a lot of waiting they put it on the alignment machine at the end of the day but it did not aligned. So they kept it for tomorrow, this was my first disappointment. Next day I came after two hours from the start of the working hours assuming that they fixed the problem during that time but they didn't even started doing it. This was my second disappointment. I asked the service customer receptionist the cause of the delay and he responded that "some specialist" didn't come until now. So I asked why the other issue with the car wasn't fixed during that time ? He was speechless. After so much waiting they decided to make a larger thread in a hole so that a screw can fit firmly again. This job toke them 3 hours to do while I did it in college in less than a minute. and then they did the alignment and the car was aligned. So they did a test drive and they said the pulling is over. I said show it to me. So a "pulling specialist" sat next to me and I start driving the car in all sort of streets, and the pulling was there. Nothing was changed. I actually laghed on the specialists when he said let me drive the car and he kept adjusting the steering wheel to compensate for the pulling. After that they kept the car for 2 more days since they didn't have time to do it at that day. After the weekend some one called me and said why didn't you pick up the car it has all ready finished and the german guy test it and it now all right. I asked him if the other issues is done too. He said "all the remarks you gave them had been done and fixed " so a went to pick it up . As soon I see the tail light I knew someone was lying. Becouse the trunk wasn't fixed I said the car will stay but let me test drive it to see if the pulling had gone. So I toke the key and put my leg on the brake and started the engine but the car didn't start, I tried again and again and it didn't start. So at that moment I couldn't hold my anger and frustration. So I took the key and put it on the desk of mr. Sadeq and said to him " call me when the car start to work" I went away to my friend's car and never looked back. He called me afterwards and he didn't like what I did and said that the car did work. I said good now do the other issues and don't call me agian only when they have been fixed. He said I can't do anything, the other issues shall be inspected by someone from the workshop. I said why no body write anything I said. I kept telling everyone I see about all of the issues and all what they did is just the alignment ? He said you write for us what you need us to do !!! . From the first time I gave them the car to fix the issues they never write down in any form what I need to be fixed. All the other garages write inspection sheets and write down all issues.

Most of kuwaity people don't like to buy Audi cars Becouse of this kind of treatment they get when they work with such authorised dealers. My experience with Audi of kuwiat is full of unsatisfactorness , rage , tension, and deception. Hopefully this E-mail reach someone that will do something about this.
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