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Old 12-03-2011, 03:23 AM
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Default McDonald Automotive Group-Audi-Littleton, CO

My viewpoint comes from being a former employee of this dealership.

I have over 20+ years in dealership auto parts experience including Parts Department Management. The original parts manager was wonderful and had worked for the original owner for the greater portion of his 32 years, then the dealership transitioned to his sons and they haven't a clue as to how to run a dealership at all. Then the original parts manager passed away in 2005 and they hired an idiot to run Audi parts!! Their dad has had to come out of retirement a few times to get the dealership back in the black!!

They treat their employees just like a number and nothing else.....if someone quits or is fired, instead of hiring someone to replace that person, the workload is shoved off on to another person in that particular department!! Talk about employee job burn-out!!

Unfortunately this may have an impact on the customer service attitude of the various employees. Since they are human, some are better at customer service under these conditions than others. The sons can't their act together and agree as to what a particular employee does with his/her time at the dealership. One son will walk through the dealership and correct an employee doing a job and another son walks through and tells them something different, go figure....

Just pay attention if you deal with this dealership. Some employees have lied in the past and they may or may not still be there! Just pay attention to whatever you're doing with any dealership employee and get a hold of a manager if something smells fishy!!!

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Old 07-12-2012, 07:08 PM
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This would explain a lot in regards to my recent experience with AUDI McDonald in Denver. The sale person was really pushing hard to sell the car but every single request I had was answered with a NO first and then quote "It is a used car, it will have damage or parts missing!" I was ready to walk and just told the sales person I will look somewhere else, he then immediately got me a sales manager. She addressed by concerns by repainting the panels that had huge scratches and agreed upon adding some winter mats and a new first aid kit.
A week later I pick up the car and asked for the maintenance documentation so I can be prepared of what needs to be done or what was recently done. I receive the documentation but was in a Hurry to get out since I live 1 hour away from the dealership and work was calling.
At home we realize they "forgot" to put in the winter mats, first aid kid and the maintenance documentation we received stated 1 month prior to me buying the car they were aware of the A/C issue and it needs to be fixed. Sure enough only 1 day later (Sunday) the A/C stops working intermittently.
I call back and ask to speak to a sales manager, which was very helpful and tried everything to get this resolved. He asked me to drive back to Denver to get the AC looked at and they would even take care of the gas. I was a happy camper...
... until I receive my car back. They were not able to locate the issue I was talking about (even though I have a vag-com and even showed the the error code the computer logged due to the A/C not working with a date and mileage). The techs/service department advised me if the car is not doing the issue while they are looking at it, they will/cannot fix it. They also said they already had replaced the A/C compressor (1 month ago) but I cannot have the work order or sheet showing it was done (WTF!).
I was ready to forget about that place but it got worse: I did not receive the full tank of gas I was promised. I walk back in and talk to the service manager this time. He gets the initial sales person involved again to fill up the tank but that is not the end of the story. This manager walks right up to me in my face (like 1-2 inches close up) and tells me with a serious attitude: "You don't know when to quit, do you?". He admitted he is giving me an attitude and that I am wasting his time. I basically flipped out but of course did not hit him I explained that I'm not asking anything impossible and that I sure don't enjoy driving for 3 hours (round trip home/Denver), all I wanted are that they fulfill their promises. If they can't do something for a customer they should just tell him and not make empty promises. I also explained that this car did throw an internal code, which is documented within the computer log but he didn't care and just walked away.

To make things better, I receive a call from the loaner department telling me this manager walked back in to let them know he won't be covering the expenses for the loaner since he never made that promise.
Again I have to fight for something they simply promised instead of just not promising anything or simply doing the right thing.

I will have a discussion with the general manager since I can't talk to this service manager idiot anymore about his attitude, how he talks and approaches customers and of course about the empty promises. I'm not sure how much good that will actually do but I ADVISE EVERYONE TO STAY AS FAR AWAY AS POSSIBLE FROM AUDI MCDONALD IN DENVER!!!

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Old 07-14-2012, 05:25 PM
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Well that really sucks, personally you should have walked away and flipped a finger when they said "It is a used car, it will have damage or parts missing!" that just screaming shady business/some sort of scam going on.
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Old 02-22-2015, 01:29 PM
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Without going into too much detail, McDonald pulled a bait and switch on me when I left a deposit on a car that was "on the water". Basically, I ended up with a payment higher than promised upon deposit. My only option was to walk and lose the deposit, or take the higher payment. While I did not do everything perfect in the deal, and should have gotten something signed and in writing, they are still a lousy & dishonest dealer.
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