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Crazyfingers66 09-26-2017 10:58 AM

Reliable mechanic in Pittsburgh, PA
Hello, all. New user here.

I am looking for a trust-worthy, reliable mechanic in the Pittsburgh, PA area to do some work on my 2011 A-4.

I don't have confidence in the local dealership I have worked with recently - I can't tell whether I truly need what they are recommending or whether it is an expensive, unnecessary up-sell. Based on past experience at inspection time, they recommended lots of additional work that has subsequently proven to be completely superfluous.

My MIL light is now on, and an Audi dealership in Philadelphia (where i was visiting) said I needed to replace an intake manifold change over valve and gave me a reasonable estimate. But I didn't have time to wait for the part to arrive, so I drove back home to Pittsburgh. The Pittsburgh Audi dealership is now saying I need to replace the entire intake manifold (much more expensive job) and also recommended additional work while the engine is out. Just not sure what I need and would like to find someone I can trust.

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


CRAZYHAWK 09-26-2017 07:11 PM

Dealers ? Eurodyne

APR Dealer and Importer Locator Tool


Matt Dominici 02-18-2018 03:58 PM

Good mechanic
Try JCL automotive if you are near the philly area again. They are located in Hellertown PA. I have used them for my M4, S5, and my friend uses them for his 911. The owners name is Chris. Used to be a master tech at a BMW dealership but he started his own place about 15 years ago. Most trustworthy shop. Iíve asked him to do things and he said Matt itís a waste of money Iím not doing it. Honest, great prices compared to dealers, and super fast turn around time.

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