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PART OUT 01 AUDI s4 and other s4 parts from other parts cars

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PART OUT 01 AUDI s4 and other s4 parts from other parts cars

Old 03-19-2012, 04:27 PM
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Default PART OUT 01 AUDI s4 and other s4 parts from other parts cars

More updates here:
VWVortex.com - PART OUT: NEW 01 6 speed s4 for part out


This is an 01 silver s4 for part out with 150k on the clock. Its in great overall shape. Car is complete less front bumper and headlights. Was not in a front end accident unless it was very minor and just cracked the bumper. Everything is up for grabs. As always I have a lot of other parts available from other part outs in other colors etc. So please check out my threads for other stuff that may or may not be listed here as well.

Prices almost all include shipping. Pickups in PA 16803 are always welcome and will save you some money on shipping. Cash on pickup, and for shipping paypal, money order, amazon payments, and google checkout are welcome.

THIS CAR WILL NOT BE STARTED TO BE PARTED UNTIL THE END OF THIS WEEK ~23rd or so. That is when a million more pics will be posted and stuff will start to ship from this car unless you buy one of the pulled things already like engine or trans or easy to pop off item or item I already have in multiples.

Large bulky and fragile items like doors and fenders and trunk will ship via greyhound bus. This is for cost, packaging, and careful handling sake. Please note this as I will mention it before purchase as well again. You will have to pick this up at your local greyhound station. Which you can pick ahead of time or I can pick based on closest distance to you. Rest of items will ship via USPS priority mail, regular mail, or fedex, whichever is cheapest route. I can ship large items via fedex but you will sign a disclaimer that you knowingly choose to use this method against recomendation and that damage to the items will be your sold responsibility. If your to lazy to drive to a greyhound to save some money and get an undamaged piece do not cry to me when fedex bring you a trunk that looks like its folded over twice. My disclaimer.

Upgrades/Mods available:

H&R coilovers 800 shipped
Stern rear carrier mounts and stock carrier preinstalled 55 shipped
stern trans mounts pair 100 shipped
stern motor mounts pair 190 shipped
SSAC catback exhaust (twin 2 copy) 250 picked up 310 shipped
Chrome mirror caps 300 shipped, no glass (ds glass is 60 extra and in great shape, PS glass leaked autodim fluid 15 shipped)
Boost gauge 25 shipped
rs4 grill with black surround 150 shipped
K*N panel air filter 25 shipped
034 f hose NEW 15 shipped
samco blue f hose 15 shipped
SPP tip mod and MOMO shifter 50 shipped
Pair of RP k04 turbos and log style upgraded larger manifolds
fuel lines by fuel rail 15 shipped
fuel rail 20 shipped
stock injectors flow matched and cleaned 20k ago set of 6 75 shipped
stock injectors set of 6 55 shipped

Engine and driveline:
Complete 2.7T engine with wiring harness. Picture unbolting the trans and downpipes and thats what you get. 1000 picked up
Complete 6 speed O1E tranny swap package: includes eveyrthing needed to swap. Can modify if you already have a manual as you wont need a few things: transmission, tranny mounts, tranny mount arms, slave cylinder, tranny sensors, shifter linkage, shifter, trans spacer, clutch fork, front axles, rear axles, driveshaft, rear differential, front uprights, pedal assembly with clutch master, interior wiring snippets, free flash to manual ecu coding/software 1800 shipped or less picked up
auto transmission 400 picked up or 750 shipped
auto tranny spacer plate 15 shipped
auto trans flex plate 25 shipped
auto trans crank hub bolt on spacer 10 shipped
01 E 6 speed transmission in good working used shape 1000 picked up or 1300 shipped
shifter linkage 75 shipped
shifter 75 shipped
6 speed tranny arm mounts 65 shipped
front 6 speed manual axles 75 shipped each
front auto axles 65 shipped each
rear axles 45 shipped each
auto driveshaft 100 shipped
manual driveshaft 150 shipped
engine wiring harness less maf sensor plug 75 shipped
tranny mounts 10 shipped each
rear differential manual 150 picked up 250 shipped
rear differential auto 150 picked up or 250 shipped
pedal assembly 75 shipped manual or auto
bare 2.7t heads 75 shipped each
complete 2.7t heads 250 shipped each
SSAC catback exhaust 250 picked up
cam position sensor 15 shipped
front and rear 02 sensors 50 shipped each
egt sensors 100 shipped each (black and brown boxes available)
afterrun pump under intake manifold 75 shipped
map sensor 25 shipped
PS k03 turbo 150 shipped
crank pulley/engine dampener 65 shipped
PS pulley 25 shipped
Mech fan base/bearing and plastic fan 75 shipped
just mech plastic fan 35 shipped
just fan base 45 shipped
accessory belt 7 shipped
less then 5k used low mileage timing belt set 90 shipped water pump, thermostat, timing belt, tensioner roller, hyd tensioner, idler roller, tensioner arm, etc.
bare 2.7t block 150 picked up (for a build)
lower oil pan 40 shipped
upper oil pan 175 shipped
oil cooler/oil filter housing 45 shipped
intake manifold 75 shipped
TB up pipes/bipipe 40 shipped pair
y pipe 50 shipped
accordian hose 10 shipped
hitachi maf housings 15 shipped
stock airbox 50 shipped
ICM's 40 shipped each
crank/flywheel/engine speed sensor 25 shipped
oil level sensor 30 shipped
auto transmission cooler 15 shipped
manual radiator 100 shipped
auto radiator 100 shipped
core/radiator support 165 shipped
condensor 90 shipped
axle or trans heat shields 15 shipped each or less combined
fan control module (under DS frame rail) 50 shipped
ground strap (engine to frame rail or battery to chassis) 7 shipped
diverter valves 15 shipped each
APR silicone DV hoses 15 shipped for pair with clamps
stock rubber DV hoses 10 shipped for pair with clamps
complete oem intake hose set (literally every single rubber intake hose on the engine for the whole tract) 45 shipped
2.7T crankshaft 75 shipped
2.7T valve covers 75 shipped for pair bare or +25 powdercoated your choice of color/finish
valley pan 20 shipped
cross over coolant tube assembly 50 shipped
condensor fan (in front of rad) 55 shipped
electric fan in core support 45 shipped
AC dryer 15 shipped
AC lines from chassis to lower left 45 shipped
full engine cover set (3 middle triangle pieces, 2 valve cover 5v pieces, air box cover) 75 shipped
individual engine cover pieces 10 shipped
big triangle piece 25 shipped
airbox cover 25 shipped
partially cracked spider hose assembly 25 shipped
PCV valves/pancake valve 15 shipped
complete valve train of valves, lifters, springs, retainers, and keepers 150 shipped (nothing wrong with it, just from an upgrade)
cam chain tensioner 100 shipped
cam chain 15 shipped
cam plug 7 shipped
cam gear 15 shipped each
air box snorkel (2 piece) 15 shipped
coolant tank 20 shipped
PS tank 10 shipped
ABS tank 10 shipped
vacuum canister under DS fender 10 shipped
battery (good used battery) 10 picked up
washer fluid tank 40 shipped
bumper squirter pump 10 shipped
windshield squirter pumped 10 shipped
suction pump under DS wheel well with filter 35 shipped
charcoal canister box under spare wheel tub 50 shipped
turbo inlet pipes 15 shipped each or 25 shipped pair
turbo outlet pipes 15 shipped each or 25 shipped pair
intercoolers pair 45 shipped or 25 shipped each
intercooler's shrouds 30 pair shipped or 15 shipped each
stock fuel pump assembly 50 shipped
metal turbo inlet pipes (upper ones that mount to lobster claw hoses and oring seal to the lower cast inlets) 25 shipped for the set
dual mass flywheel 75 shipped
straight piped 2.5 inch exhaust with polished tips cat back exhaust 25 picked up or 75 shipped
fuel pressure regulator 4 bar 25 shipped
fuel pressure regilator 3 bar 15 shipped

chrome mirror assemblies less glass 300 shipped
j caps chrome fuel lid cap with gas cap 20 shipped
DS mirror autodim glass in good used shape 60 shipped
PS mirror glass fluid leaked 15 shipped
Doors (I have many color available not just silver) each door shell is 50 picked up or 100 shipped
complete door wth all guts glass and motor etc is 100 picked up or 150 shipped
sideskirts 300 shipped including sideskirts, brackets, hardware, and s4 door sills
lower door molding set including all 4 fender caps, all 4 mounting strips, all 4 door blades 150 shipped
But sideskirts and lower door moulding set together and save 50 and now 400 shipped total
window regulator with motor 45 shipped
door glass 50 shipped
front and rear main glass is 20 picked up you pull it
front and rear main glass side press down seals 15 shipped a set
Silver hood 200 picked up or 275 shipped (prefer pickup on this)
silver trunk (its an a4 trunk but its the same nothing changes besides the badging) 150 shipped
silver s4 trunk 150 shipped
yellow rear bumper (needs repaint) 50 picked up or 75 shipped
silver rear bumper complete with shocks and lower valence 250 shipped
rear tail lights (smoked) 95 shipped complete with bulb holders, bulbs, tail lights, gasket, and bolts
gas cap 10 shipped
gas cover 15 shipped (many colors available)
fender liners front 35 shipped each
fender liners rear 30 shipped each
fender side marker lights 15 shipped a pair or +5 a pair smoked
ecu box lower 15 shipped
ecu box upper 10 shipped
complete ecu box 20 shipped
cabine air filter assembly 3 piece 20 shipped
fake firewall cover set (4 piece set including moulding, big firewall cavity cover, small battery cover, and both wiper cowling pieces 80 shipped
large firewall cover by itself 40 shipped
wiper cowling (left and right) 45 shipped
wiper blades in good shape 5 bucks a pair with other item purchase or 8 shipped a pair themselves
wiper blade metal arms 10 shipped a pair
B pillar exterior shiny black covers 25 shipped a pair
trunk hinges (many colors) 25 shipped a pair
trunk shocks 13 shipped a pair
hood strut/shock 20 shipped
washer squirters nozzles 25 shipped pair
core support 165 shipped
headlight mounting tabs/brackets (near rad on core support) 20 shipped pair
front or rear bumper shock 45 shipped pair
front bumper support (just rebar, no bumper) 50 shipped
PS cooler loop assembly 15 shipped
front chassis oem strut bar and side brackets 75 shipped
front hood hinges 20 shipped pair
rear bumper side mounts 15 shipped pair
front bumper mounts 25 shipped pair
horns 10 shipped each or 17 shipped pair
door handles in varying colors available for 35 shipped each
rear door black shiny metal triangle pieces in doors 15 shipped pair
exterior surround black chrome door trim (s4) including rear triangle window and its trim 100 picked up
door strykers, latches 20 shipped for set of 4
door hinge set 45 shipped
door bear claw latch (mounte in the door) 25 shipped each
PS h7 headlight housings 50 shipped (great shape) top 2 tabs broken rest are good, great for oem tab repair kit as the light is in awesome shape
headlight back covers wire spring clip 5 shipped each
headlight back covers 5 shipped each
wiper motor 20 shipped
wiper linkage 30 shipped
wiper and motor linkage 45 shipped
nagaro blue DS mirror housing (no glass) 25 shipped
trunk seal 10 shipped
hood seal on core support or firewall (rubber) 10 shipped each
fender side seals rubber 10 shipped pair
rear license plate 20 shipped
rear license plate lights pair 20 shipped
96 euro trunk brand new light bar that you pull on 50 shipped
condensor bolt down brackets 10 shipped
radiator dowel pins and grommets 10 shipped
bumper bolts pair 10 shipped or less with other items
axle bolt 6 shipped each or less with other items
HID headlight bulb 15 shipped each
corner bulb holder 10 shipped for pair
corner bulb 5 shipped for pair
tail light bulb holder pair themselves 30 shipped

complete s4 black leather interior including: front power and heated seats, rear seats (all three pieces), rear side bolsters, and all 4 door cards 650 picked up or 900 shipped
a4 interior including front manual leatherette seats, rear leatherette seats and rear side bolsters; all in black 100 picked up
complete black s4 upper half conversion including: headliner, sunroof cover, rear deck cover, a, b ,c pillar covers, homelink visors, visor lights, cisor clips, center sunshade, sunroof snap ring, front and rear light clusters, ohh **** handles, 4 rubber/black felt door moldings/seals and wiring harness 350 shipped
black double din s4 center console conversion:center console skin, radio cage, radio, main cc frame, cupholder, fog and esp bittons, hazard button, climate control HVAC unit, ash tray, rear center console with black leather arm rest, rear cup holders, cig lighter assembly, leather 2 piece ebrake covers, rear ash tray, trim caps, and hardware 250 shipped
complete dash with all vents 50 picked up or 100 shipped
complete black s4 seat belt set 45 shipped
clockspring (esp based and non esp based cars) 45 shipped each
dash without vents 30 picked up or 80 shipped
just headliner 40 picked up or 75 shipped
a pillar covers 15 shipped
just black rear seat belts 15 shipped each
gauge cluster 100 shipped
boost gauge 25 shipped
9 piece wood trim set 125 shipped
6 piece wood trim set 100 shipped
9 piece brush alum trim set with black plastic center console pieces 255 shipped
6 piece brush alum trim set 200 shipped
Pass side airbag 35 shipped
Side curtain airbags pair 75 shipped or 45 shipped each
steering wheel (6 speed, no buttons) 55 shipped
steering wheel TIP with airbag black 90 shipped
TIP airbag 50 shipped
TIP steering wheel 50 shipped
brown 6 speed airbag 45 shipped
column top snap on piecve accordian trim cover 15 shipped
accordian trim colum assembly whole unit 25 shipped with top cover
door, trunk, and ignition locks and 3 key system 150 shipped
door trunk and ignition lock and 1 key system 100 shipped
key fob 25 shipped
airbag module 65 shipped
brown a4 oem all weather rubber floor mats (same for s4 just say a4) 65 shipped
interior carpet (whole thing) 50 picked up or 100 shipped
seat rail covers set of 8 25 shipped
security modules (color boxes on rear window) set for 20 shipped
Central locking pump clp 100 shipped
interior wiring harness 50 picked up or 100 shipped
low pair of kick panels black 30 shipped pair
lower b pilalr covers black 40 shipped
lower dash DS knee bolster 40 shipped
complete glove box 45 shipped
glove box strut 15 shipped
complete HVAC system box with blower motor, heater core, evap core, all motors and servos and flapper valves 90 shipped
dash vents (side ones) 15 shipped each
center dash vet (tripple cluster) 30 shipped
fuse panel cover DS 15 shipped
fuse panel cover PS 10 shipped
lower interior black plastic door sills (inside ones that cover the carpet edges) 55 shipped
relays etc 8 shipped each
headlight/fog light relay box (above glove box) 25 shipped 30 shipped modded for indep fogs
metal support under dash 55 shipped
door and rear deck speakers 40 shipped each or less if buying multiples
rear door arch way black plastic (follows seat line up, curved piece) 10 shipped for pair
airbag modules under carpet in front with yell connector 10 shipped each
headlight range control module under rear seat 15 shipped
ESP control box under rear seat 25 shipped
CD changer 55 shipped
CD bracket 15 shipped or together with changer for 60 shipped
security module under CD changer bracket 15 shipped
bose s4 amp (same for a4 bose system) 40 shipped
interior trunk carpeted sides 15 shipped each or 25 shipped for pair
interior trunk floor carpet 10 picked up or 45 shipped
trunk spare wheel/tire hold down 10 shipped
full set of s4 manuals with cover case 40 shipped
rear plastic trunk cover on back of trunk going the width of it 45 shipped
cubby hole side tray in trunk 8 shipped
carpeted side interior light 6 shipped
dead pedal 10 shipped
complete sunroof assembly with motor and glass 50 picked up or 100 shipped
just sunroof glass 45 shipped
just sunroof motor 25 shipped
just sunroof sliding assembly 15 picked up or 65 shipped
varying other grommets or modules 5-15 shipped each
fuel pump black cover 7 shipped
fuel pump blue in/out cover 10 shipped
fuel fump screw on cover ring 10 shipped
cargo net 35 shipped
rear seat black carpet floor mats (set of 2) 25 shipped

Suspension and Brakes and wheels/tires:
Brand new sumitomo 225/35/18 tires set of 4. They were just too much a stretch on the wide wheels they were intended for. they were driven on less then 10 miles. Sicne then they sat in the garage after a brief few mile drive in the back of my truck. They are virtually new for all intended purposes. 400
oem s4 wheels with tires set of 4 in very nice shape with good-great tires
AT italia s4 look alike reps with ok tires about 40 percent life on them 400 picked up or 510 shipped set of 4
set of 20 lug nuts (oem ball seat) 25 shipped
set of 20 cone seat lug nuts (have both extended and stock size) 25 shipped each set
H&R coilovers 800 shipped
abs module and pump assembly (whole thing) 100 shipped
front s4 brakes includes slotted rotors, hawk pads, calipers, carriers, lines, bolts, and dust shields (like new rotors and pads) 275 shipped
rear s4 brakes includes: calipers, hawk pads, slotted rotors, lines, carrriers, dust shields and bolts 190 shipped (like new rotors and pads
front s4 uprights 200 shipped with good hubs and bearings
rear uprights with good hubs and bearings 150 shipped pair or (75 shipped each)
rear upright with no hub or bearing 45 shipped each
power steering rack with inner and outer tie rod ends 150 shipped
Power steering rack with no outer tie rod ends 125 shipped
Front control arm set 75 shipped or 15 shipped each
rear upper shock hats with arms 45 shipped pair or 25 shipped each
rear upper shock arms only pair 20 shipped
rear lower control arm 20 shipped each
rear subframe 50 picked up or 100 shipped
front subframe 50 picked up or 100 shipped
headlight level adjusters on control arms 25 shipped each (1 in front and 1 in rear)
front and rear sway bar set with bars, end links, bushings, brackets, and hardware 85 shipped
just rear sway bar set with bar bushings, brackets, end links, and hardware 50 shipped
rear diff carrier bracket with stern poly bushings preinstalled 55 shipped
rear diff carrier bracket with stock bushings 25 shipped
rear diff mount stock 25 shipped
rear diff mount front mounting bracket 15 shipped
upper triangular hats on front struts 10 shipped each or 15 shipped pair
rear tie rods 25 shipped pair
stock tranny mounts 10 shipped each
brake master cyliner 30 shipped
brake booster 30 shipped
Brake booster and master cylinder combo 55 shipped
brake lines from master to abs 15 shipped

Please contact me for wiring snippets and small pieces of hardware or bolts or trim or lines
I have quite a bit of that available including an entire cars worth of hardware as well

airbag module 65 shipped

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really interested in some parts call me at 7188728314 please
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I believe I called you back already. If not PM me and I will.
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I want that amp if it's a "BOSE 3600, B5E"
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I pmed you for the bose amp.
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Default Parts

I am in need of the hood drivers fender, also the mirror covers. I assume based on pic radiator support and bumper shocks are gone? I am in PA would drive up to pick up.
Old 06-29-2014, 09:36 PM
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Default Parts

You have a pm.
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