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vtraudt 04-16-2011 12:17 PM

1.8T AEB: ATP MIKA tune plus 440cc T3T4
My next step up on the power ladder for my 98 AEB (nDBW/DBC) will be a T3T4.
I could now get my hands on a ATP Mika tuned ECU and 440cc injectors.

a) what T3T4 setup (compressor, trim, turbine) works well considering the tune and fuel combination? What crank/awhp levels can be expected? (no high rpm screemer combo, 3-5k rpm power + drvieability most important)?
- on stock internals
- on upgraded internals (if needed)

b) is the ATP Mika tune for 440cc any good?

c) Is my Southbend stage 3 limiting me?

d) FMIC, 3" downpipe, no cat, Miltek exhaust, AFPR 3-5 bar, Walbro (if needed) already in place.

Mike-2ptzero 04-17-2011 10:41 AM

Mika tune = POS
Do not put it in your car.

All T3/T4 setups are going to have its peak hp/tq up highe in the rpms. Even the 50 trim seeing that it flows 46 lb/min which is slightly higher then a GT2871r and the fact that it is a journal bearing turbo. So its going to actually spool up later then a GT2871r and this means full boost after 4k rpm, exactly what your not asking for.

The Elim kits and a GT28rs dont hit full boost till after 3500 rpm, if you want something that hits full boost before that you might want to look at a GT28r. That is the size turbo used in the APR stage 3 and PES T28 kit. Another option would be a 68HTA, 71HTA or 73HTA turbo. The 68HTA flow about the same as the 50 trim but spools up quicker then a GT2871r. But the price tag on those HTA's is $1699.

The SB Stage 3 is rated at 325 ft lbs. So yes you will be pushing the cluch beyond its limits.

vtraudt 04-17-2011 01:43 PM

Thanks Mike, loud and clear: no Mika.

Cost (turbo itself, supporting parts, availability) is the reason for me to stay with T3T4 journal bearings, and therefore I have to live with 4k max boost (but hoping it is starting to come up at 3k to some degree; unintended side benefit is the lower torque (= burden on clutch, gears, shafts, since they are only impacted by torque, not power; check out those on F1 cars; scary thin!)

The mentioned 46 lb/min flow of a 50 trim, .63 T3T4 could be translated into roughly 435 HP? And that in turn represents around 325 awhp? That would be a good match with my power goal.
T3T4 using Turbonetics sizing as example:
54 or 57mm turbine?
Compressor 0.50 trim, 3.00 major, 2.122 inducer, 3" inlet ???
Alternatively compressor 0.46 trim, 3.25 major, 2.003 inducer, 3" inlet? ???

Mike-2ptzero 04-17-2011 02:34 PM

You might want to search for any dyno sheets of 50 trim setups on a 1.8t. If your looking for around 325whp on pump gas you are most likely better off with a GT2871r or the HTA if you want quicker spool and a wider power band.

The older journal bearing turbos are going to have more lag and later spool.

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