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Part out: new 01 b5 s4 part out

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Default Part out: new 01 b5 s4 part out

PLEASE PM ME, you can post on the listing, but PMing me will get you a much faster reply. You can also reach me and see this ad here: http://forums.vwvortex.com/showthrea...T#post73436423

ALSO please keep in mind that while this current car is pictured there are many other parts from other prior s4's, other color exterior panels, multiples of certain parts, auto and manual parts, ESP and non ESP car parts, etc etc. You may buy something and still see that same item listed because I have several of the same parts. I will continually update with more pictures as I clean up and organize the parts so check back frequently as you may not see it one day but you will see it the next day.

Up for part out is a 2001 audi s4 automatic car with 120k on it. It is silver but there are plenty of other color exterior parts available. Interior is in great shaoe but driver seat has a small tear through on the side bolster at the top. Extreior is in great shape as well however, the front bumper, hood, and both fenders are not goo. THIS CAR DOES NOT HAVE A GOOD FRONT BUMPER, CORE SUPPORT, hood OR fenders. Everything else is fair game and complete. Most prices are posted as shipping INCLUDED whether they say shipped or not. Pickup in PA 16803 welcome and will make it cheaper for you obviously. Sometimes I go to my parents along 80 to East stroudsburg area and can meet to save someone a trip if they like. I try to be comprehensive in the posting with pics and items for sale but if you want something I didn't list or is a part of something like a snippet of wiring or a piece of obscure trim feel free to PM me as the car is for sale down to the bare chassis. No part to small. More pics will be posted during this weekend. Most parts will ship in 1-3 days. Some parts take longer like for example an engine or an entire interior etc. But I can work with people if they need something in a rush and tell me in advance. USPS priority mail, fedex ground, fedex freight, and greyhound is used to ship.

Prices almost all include shipping. If you pickup in PA 16803 it will always be cheaper especially so for very large items. So keep that in mind.

Aftermarket upgrades

FORGE polished alum diverter valves with full spring kit and instructions 210 shipped for pair
stock 710 diverter valves 25 shipped for pair
GIAC ECU A box ecu 200 with stock ecu in exchange (for bosch maf s4's, a6s)
S flo intake with aem dryflow filter (new aem filter) 150 shipped 130 shipped with used ITG filter
Pair of aftermarket HID bulbs and ballasts (6k) 25 shipped a set (2 sets available)


NEW (less then 100 miles) valeo oem headlight set with all bulbs and ballasts 400 shipped
Just headlight housings 275 shipped
used oem clear cornered valeo s4 headlight housings 200 shipped
Red s4 sideskirts with s4 door sills and brackets and hardware 300 shipped
red Lower door mouldings (mounting strip and molding itself and all 4 fender caps) 150 shipped
Full sideskirt set with all hardware, s4 door sills, and full lower door molding set, mounting caps, etc, complete for 400 shipped (50 in savings)
Pair of aftermarket HID bulbs and ballasts (6k) 25 shipped a set (2 sets available)
red complete trunk 150 shipped
silver complete trunk 200 shipped
Complete doors unbolted from car with full frames, wiring, glass etc 150 shipped 80 pick up
Just door shells for 50 picked up or 100 shipped
Good rear yellow bumper with shocks (needs paint) 50
Fender mounted sidemarker lights 20 for pair of 25 pair smoked
door handles 30 shipped
Front glass 25 you come pull it
Rear glass 25 you come pull it
Wiper motor 20
Wiper linkage 35
Wiper linkage and motor combo 45
Fake firewall/battery cover and both sides of wiper cowling 75 shipped
Wiper cowling set 50
Fake firewall/battery cover 40
Accordion hose over heater core lines 10
Battery tray 15
Washer tank 40
Each pump 15
Both tank and pumps 50
Hood release cable 20
Hood release latch (core support side) 15
Wiper arms with wiper blades 35 pair
Rubber molding on front core support 15
Rubber molding on fenders 10
red complete s4 trunk 150
Trunk hinges or hood hinges(silver, red, blue, yellow, and black available) with shocks 25 each pair
Hood strut 20
Trunk struts 15 for pair
warning Triangle 20
Gas lid (black, blue, silver, and red available) 20
Gas cap 10
License plate lights 20
Euro trunk full light bar (unpainted new) 55
Windshield squirters 20 set
Squirter lines system 20
Front bumper brackets/hardware 40
Rear bumper brackets/hardware 30
Metal moldings above doors (run fuill length of pillars) 100
Bumper shocks front or rear 20 each or 40 for pair
License plate bracket front or rear 25
Door hinges 15 each
Door striker (steel color) 10

s4 black upper half conversion 400 shipped
s4 leather interior: door panels are mint, front PS seat is in great shape, DS front seat has a tear but otherwise in good shape, rear seats are in awesome shape as are the rear side bolsters, heated and power with no issues 450 picked up or plus actual shipping via greyhound or freight your choice
2nd s4 interior no rips or tears but front seats have a couple of hard spots where the leatehr is just hard (both sets are pictured) willing to split this set. Offers welcome
s4 double din Center console conversion (complete with everything including all hardware) did conversion and includes literally everything in the middle of the of the car front to back) 200 shipped - includes center console skin, radio cage, main cage with cupholder and light buttons, hazard button, ash tray, HVAC unit, radio, rear center console with arm rest, ebrake handles, rear ash tray, cig lighter, rear cupholders, hardware, etc
Speakers (40 each front, rear)
1 6 disc cd changer 65 shipped
s4 cluster (some pixels are bad but readable) 75 shipped
3 spoke s4 leather Steering wheel with tip controls (perfect shape) 65
Black Airbag 50
Steering wheel and airbag 110
Dash 50 picked up or 100 shipped with all vents and air passage ways
interior black Carpet 50 picked up or 100 shipped
Shift **** 25
Seat rail covers all eight 30
Lower b pillars 35 for pair
Long inner door door sills black 40
Trunk seal 15
Front kick panels 20 each or 35 pair
Under dash panel 35
Glove box complete 40
Complete set of keys (1 switchblade and 1 regular with ignition, trunk, and door locks) 150
Switchblade key 40
Regular key 20
Passenger airbag 35
Side curtain airbags 35 each
Manual clock spring 40
Accordion dash top piece behind steering wheel 25
Top of that dash trim piece 10
Lower behind steering wheel plastic 15
Dash vents 20 each
Security control modules (colorful boxes under pillars) 35
Rear deck cover 35
Trunk sill plate in between bumper and trunk space with latch in it 35
Sunroof 40
Sunroof motor 40
Sunroof slide mechanism 50
Full sunroof setup ready to bolt in 100
Full set of front and rear black seat belts (both sides) 45
HVAC blower airbox with evap core and heater core and blower motor 150
Complete interior wiring harness 100 shipped
Little foam door pieces that silence inner door panel/outer door wind noise 5 each
Inner door wiring harness 25 each
Window regulator/motor 45 each
Glass 50 each
Rear trunk mat 40
Rear trunk cargo tie downs 15 for set
Cargo net 30
Toolkit metal rack 25
Security box near toolkit 25
Carpeted trunk sides 40 for set
Carpeted toolkit door 25
Trunk light 10
6 speed manual pedal assemblies set 75
Auto pedal assembly 45
Gas pedal motor 25


1 pair of front s4 uprights with goo hubs and bearings 225 shipped
set of 5 s4 wheels with 85 percent new tires (black) 500 picked up or 650 shipped.
set of 4 Fondmetal silver wheels with new tires on them 5x112 et 35 500 picked up 650 shipped
steel s4 front uprights pair with good bearings 225 shipped
S4 steering rack no issues comes with tie rod ends ready to bolt in and use 150
shifter box, shifter assembly, and linkages 80 shipped
S4 auto 5 speed tiptronic tranny with torque converter 400 (shifts beautifully)
TCU control module 50 each (3 different boxes available)
ESP control box 40
6 speed and auto tranny to block spacer 25
Clutch slave 30
auto flex plate 25 shipped
auto tone ring 10 shipped
6 speed flywheel dual mass 75 shipped
Rear s4 uprights with hub and bearings 100 shipped
Abs sensors 25 each front or rear no codes
Sway bars front and rear all bushings, bars and hardware 90 for set or 50 each
Front wheel well liners 25 each
Rear wheel well liners 25 each
Headlight xenon range module 25
Accident sensors under seat 20 each (yellow)
Auto driveshaft 100
manual driveshaft 100
Auto front axle 45 each
manual front axles 65 shipped each
Rear axle 35 each
Rear diff manual 250
rear diff auto 250
Rear subframe 50 picked up or 100 shipped
Front subframe 50 picked up or 100 shipped
Complete front control arms set 70
Just upper arms set of 4 40
Just lower arm set of 4 40
Auto level sensors for headlights 25 each
Tranny mounts (manual or auto) 25 pair
Motor mounts 35 pair
Front subframe brace 25
Rear subframe a arm 25 each
Rear subframe tie rod 25 each
Set of 20 lug nuts 20
Rear diff carrier 30
Rear strut upper hats 45


J-Caps aluminum polished gas cap 25 shipped
stock exhaust 50 picked up or 100 shipped
stock downpipes with cats 275 shipped
Airbox with filter (top and bottom) 55
Airbox snorkel (2 pieces) 25
Engine carrier mounts (silver (have sway bars mounted to them) 15 each
Accordion hose 15
02 sensors 50 each
Intercooler 35 per side
Intercooler shroud 25 per side
Both intercoolers and shrouds 90
Intercooler hoses stock 20
Egt sensors (1 black box left) 100 each
Stock exhaust 45 picked up or 100 shipped
AC lines on left side 35
AC dryer 20
Ac lines under motor 50
Condenser 100
AC switch (on condenser) 20
Mech fan 40
Mechan fan pulley and bracket 45
Full fan system 75
P/S loop cooler 25
P/S bottle 15
Coolant tank and cap 20
Gas tank 50 pick up only
Evap canister 35
Evap pump under driver rear wheel well liner 25
Fuel pump 45
Fan between condenser and bumper 50
Electric fan in the core support 35
Ecu box upper and lower 25
n249 valve 50 shipped
n75 valve 50 shipped
front or rear complete subframe 50 picked up or 100 shipped
Control arms 10 each or 70 for full set of all 8 with sway bar links


front s4 HP2 calipers, lines, pads, rotors, dust shields 225 shipped
rear rotors (like new <10 miles) rear new pads <10 miles
Abs sensors 20 a sensor each no issues no codes
Brake master cylinder with booster 45
ABS control module and pump combo 140 (1 for ESP cars left)
Brake fluid reservoir 25
Brake lines from master cylinder to abs module 25

Part Out Engine (not from this car)
2.7TThrottle body 75 shipped
Intake manifold 80 both block and spider style
stock fuel rail 50
exhaust manifolds 110 shipped
2.7 heads (some bent valves but totally complete) 300
Spider hose assembly 45
N75 valve 50
Alternator 75
PS pump 60
Ac condenser 80
Timing belt plastics 20 each
Engine covers (full set of all 6) 80
Individual engine covers (ask)
Oil/coolant lines 45
Accordion hose 15
Coil pack set (no issues) 80 for set of 6 all oem
injector set 65 shipped

Ask for any wiring snippets
Ask for any missing or misc pieces from lists
Ask fort bolts or random parts

s4 complete engine less transmission and downpipes with engine harness, everything else included 1000 picked up or ~1350 shipped SOLD
aftermarket LED tails 80 shipped with bulbs and gaskets and hardware SOLD
silver s4 complete rear bumper in perfect shape 250 shipped SOLD
s4 sport suspension (all 4 complete units) 150 shipped SOLD
1 DS autodimming side view mirror glass (no issues) 60 shipped SOLD
rear s4 brake calipers, carriers, pads, lines rotors, and dust shields 155 shipped SOLD
airbag module 65 shipped SOLD
smoked stock s4 tail lights with clear reverse unsmoked 80 shipped with bulbs and hardware etc SOLD
ICM ignition control module 40 each SOLD
ssilver ideskirts set SOLD
silver lower door molding set SOLD
RS4 grill SOLD
Rear deck speakers SOLD
PS sideview autodim mirror glass SOLD
rear view mirror SOLD
00 non esp ABS module sold
airbag module SOLD
PS red fender 125 shipped SOLD
OEM complete mirrors less glass (silver and nagaro blue available) 75 shipped SOLD
rear bumper s4 red lower valence 75 shipped SOLD
1 central locking pump left 105 shipped SOLD


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My 1999 Audi a4 1.8T AWD needs power rack and pinion. What the one from the s4 work?
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PM'd you, I need some parts,
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