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Tire recommendation for 2007 A4 (17")? >

Tire recommendation for 2007 A4 (17")?

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Tire recommendation for 2007 A4 (17")?

Old 05-22-2014, 03:54 PM
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Default Tire recommendation for 2007 A4 (17")?

The ContiProContacts on it now are badly in need of replacement. I plan to get a quote from the local dealer but I anticipate pain if I go that route.

Any particular recommendation, as well as recommended source?

I'm in the northeast and have gotten away with using these year round. Would like to do the same with the replacements.

Old 06-29-2014, 03:22 PM
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Default tire recommendations for 2006 A4 2.0T quattro?

I am using a 235/45R17, H or higher rated tire. I switch out to a set of winter snows seasonally, so the mileage driven is spring-summer-fall conditions. Initially, the car had come with Pirelli P6, noticed they wore fast, at 34K replaced the initial set with the P6 plus (not sure those were the original set, had bought the car used with with 31K on it). the 2nd set of P6 plus only lasted about 20K miles. So, I moved away for Pirelli's due to unseasonably quick wear. But, to be fair, I had found out in process the tire center we purchased through was under-inflating to 30psi (rear) and 32psi(front), even though door spec is 35psi for all 4. Running tires low will accelerate wear (but, guess what? the tire center is in the business of selling tires...coincidence?) I had long talk with the tire center district mgr over the topic of under inflation. I would have to demand they do correct inflation each time I went in for rotation, because not matter what I requested, they would inevitably set them low. got to the point that I simply stopped going to that particular tire center, was afraid I'd turn into the customer tossing a tire thru their plate glass show room window. How they stay in biz is beyond me. while none of the other (chain) tire centers did the split psi differential front-rear, they did fill below spec, a t32 psi, and also had to be reminded.

I had used Michelin MXV4's in past on my saab, they wore well. Since none of the tire dealers locally had these in the size needed, I opted for a set of Pilot Sport Plus a/s (per tire sales person recommendation), to replace the Pirelli P6 plus, was told these were equiv to the MXV4's. Well, in further reviewing, MVX4 is a touring tire, Pilot sport plus is a high performance handling tire... and, as such they are not the same. the Pilot Sports went to 17K miles. Upon replacement(under prorated warranty) and paying an additional $, the 2nd set also made it to 17K. They seem to melt, and the edge wear was noticeably excessive, despite keeping them at 35psi, tires were inflated and rotated properly, there are no issues with car alignment, etc. Not happy with life expectancy of the Pilot Sport plus a/s. Why tout a 45K warranty when tires won't even make it it 20K? So, are tires just made to melt at < half their warranty mileage?

Re-thinking tire choices in terms of economy, it makes more sense to buy tires at 1/2 the costs with same warranty mileage then to toss money away on touted high performance tires that won't last anyway. After 10K miles wear the tires are noticeably louder on the road as it is, so what's the 'real difference" between a set of $800+ tires and a set of $400 tires?

Would like to hear from others who have run touring or high performance tires on the a4 (17") and see what opinions are.
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