i give up

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Default i give up

on my 93' 90cs, today i went to start it up and the engine turned over but stayed way under 1k revs, and then just died, i tried this at least 10 more times with the same outcome, and it smelled like i was tryin to start a lawnmower, i checked underneath and there were no leaks, a really thick gray smoke came out of the exhaust and thats the first time thats happened as well, any ideas as two what this could be....if not im just gonna sell its parts.
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Default RE: i give up

whoaa dont just give up like that...

You say it starts fine but dies after? Check your main fuel pump, maybe its shot, maybe you have some kind of plug in your fuel system like bad fuel filter or injectors.
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lol you dont understand, this is the 5th time my car has left me stranded in an unkown town, its always got something wrong with it....if it is the fuel pump...how hard will that repair bill hit my wallet?
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well, if you have to replace the whole pump :S yeah it might be a bit costy for new parts unless your up for a little sneaky junkyard action.

Thats the whole fun with these audis

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Default RE: i give up

Sneaky junkyard action is easy. If I can walk out with a crankshaft, I'm sure you can 'find' yourself a fuel pump.
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The key to fixing a car is looking at all things first-checking it out completely then look for parts. I agree it could be fuel pump-but it could also be plugged converters, bad plugs/wires etc. Check here online for answers to how to check out things and go from there. Its cheaper then going to a shop and just say fix it, plus it is very satisfying to figure it out yourself. I know this is not the quickest way for you to do it but its the best way in the long run. If this is not your bag-and its no shame if its not- then I suggest a newer ride with factory warranty. I hope this helps and good luck!
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Default RE: i give up

You cud take the "Jazz Says" approach to fixin on yer ride:

Jazz says, figure out ALL the possible things that could be the problem you're facing... And fix teh cheapest thing, first! If that ain't it, move on to the next cheapest possible solution. And so on, and so on, and so on...

Of course, it's an Audi, so, the cheapest solution is STILL gonna sting, justa bit[:@]
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