New, well old 4ks to me-

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Default New, well old 4ks to me-

So I bought a 2 door 4ks today from a guy 25 miles from where I live for dirt cheap. Are the 2 door 4ks more of a rare car? I have personally never "seen one".

The previous owner didn't want to stick any more $ into the car, but was a strong runner at 180k. The seller went to power wash the engine, and now instead of the car running like a champ which it did he states- it starts, but then dies literally 2 seconds later. It will restart, but not idle.
He has replaced the fuel filter, fuel pump relay, ingnition core (it's dangling next to steering column and need a screw driver to turn the car over).
He also claimed the distributor was fine.

At this point, I don't have the car infront of me for a few more days, but am dying to monkey around with it. If anyone can give me some pointers, I'd be super stoked for that.

What I will do is make sure the ingnition is all working. The ignition core should be inside ignition ?(what) so that you can use a proper key to turn the car over- not screwdriver. Right?
Then I'd check the intake boot on the left side of engine. Make sure there are no cracks in boot. My 91' Vdub had this problem and it was the easiest fix of all time.
If these don't work, replace the distributor, plugs, and wires, and the "Hall sensor" within the distributor/ rotor?
Check fuel filters and replace if nec, check fuel lines?

what else?

thanks in advance for your time!
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Default RE: New, well old 4ks to me-

The 2-DR 4000 is a rare model and I have seen a few, very few and that was a long time ago. I think it was offered for only two or three years once the coupe came out it was dropped, 82 or 83 was the last year.

I know from my personal experience Audi engines don't like a power wash. It usually takes me a couple of hours before things dry out and start to work and that is with new 8mm silicone wires, new rotor and new cap.

The hard start and rough idle could be due to a bad idler pulley that is binding and might have caused the belt to skip a tooth or two. I had this problem with my '84 4000S.
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Default RE: New, well old 4ks to me-

I finally got the car in the garage a few days ago. I unplugged all electrical connections, unplugged and charged the battery. Checked to make sure all spark plugs fired a spark.
I finally got the car to start under battery boost, after cranking it over and over. It back fired a bit, then chugged, and idled. The engine finally died after two minutes, but re-started immediately with no problems.
Now the engine starts right up, but if you give it any throttle it totally bogs down, and seems to flood out. Fuel filter? Too rich gas / air mixture?
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Default RE: New, well old 4ks to me-

that sounds like the fuel pressure regulator to me allowing too much fuel in under acceleration, you need to check what pressure the fuel is running at
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Default RE: New, well old 4ks to me-

Is the second fuel filter also the fuel regulator? The previous owner bypassed the first fuel filter. Should I replace both fuel filters and see if that's the initial problem?

Sounds to me as if there is only one fuel filter, and it's the one in the engine bay... it is not doing much good.

Any info is much appreciated!

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Default RE: New, well old 4ks to me-

Ignore my last reply, I had the fuel filter and the fuel regulator mixed up.
I actually replaced the fuel filter tonight. Kind of a PITA getting gasoline all over, but not too bad. The car is still running the same. It will idle, but when given throttle it seems to bog down. Avant 8.0 said it's probably the fuel pressure reg. Could it be anything simpler like a fuel to air mixture, or is there no such thing since this is not a carburated engine?

Any help is much appreciated!

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