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New User-Used 2006 2.0T with 81263 miles

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New User-Used 2006 2.0T with 81263 miles

Old 08-12-2012, 12:09 PM
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Default New User-Used 2006 2.0T with 81263 miles

I recently found a 2006 A3 with 81263 miles on it. I have been doing my research and am fairly certain that I want to buy it after the car passes a vehicle inspection at my local Audi dealer. I was looking on here to see if there were any reports about A3s with that many miles but can't find anything.

So is there anything I should be concerned about moving forward besides the timing belt and water pump. I expect some basic wear & tear, but don't want to spend money on a lemon. Also, does there appear to be anything unusually wrong based on the maintance report below:

72685 mi- 75000 mi service (only cost $485 so I assume timing belt was not replaced) + brake fluid flush
71942 mi- coolant gauge pegged to the cold (fixed) + ticking noise coming from engine (fixed)
70481 mi- left brake light fixed
69189 mi- oil and filter change + check engine light + camshaft replaced + high pressure pump replaced
62160 mi- oil + filter change
55691 mi- clinking in suspension when turning right/left at low speeds and braking (diagnosis but no repair, meets manufactures guidelines)
54431 mi- 55000 mi service + replace engine coil (number not specified in report)
53923 mi- excessive use of oil and found milky residue on oil cap (diagnosis but no repair, meets manufactures guidelines)
49902 mi- oil + filter change
42575 mi- 45000 mi service + brake flush
38296 mi- wheel liner front left replaced + fog light replaced
38186 mi- check engine light on but no running complaints + guided fault found & replaced
36361 mi- basic cosmetic repairs
35409 mi- check engine light on + guided fault found and replaced
34659 mi- 35000 mi service + update engine control module
31915 mi- check engine light on but no running complaints + guided fault found & replaced
24484 mi- 25000 mi service + update engine control unit software + replaced coolant flange & o ring + rumble noise when accelerating and driving (four wheel alignment)
15173 mi- 15000 mi service
5396 mi- check engine light on but no running complaints + guided fault found & replaced
5131 mi- 5000 mi service
959 mi- check engine light on and running rough + guided fault found & replaced, replaced ignition coil + spark plugs

Thanks in advance and hopefully I have my new A3 by Wednesday!

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Old 08-15-2012, 11:20 PM
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I also recently bought an 06 DSG 2.0T with similar miles and have owned a 06 jetta with same engine for a couple of years now with 110k. You have one that has had the expensive camshaft fuel pump issue resolved. That's the good part. (the cam follower can still fail down the road so have it inspected in 20k miles or so)

There are several recalls that should be checked. The PCV system fails and ends up dumping oil into the intake track. Yours probably needs that one. It looks like a coil or two has been replaced but that is likely to happen in the future. They keep upgrading them but they still seem to fail. The diverter valve on the turbo also is prone to failure. Have the dealer check to see which version you have. It is worth paying to have it upgraded if it is an older vintage.

You didn't mention which transmission you have. If a manual, it could use an oil change. If a Non-DSG, it could also use a service. If it has the DSG (with paddle shifting on the steering wheel) it definitely needs a service. Hold on to your wallet, the fluid alone for any transmission is $30+ per liter and it takes 6. Count on 250.00 minimum for the autos, about 150 or so for a manual. This can be done at somewhere else than the dealer but it must be done by someone that knows the process. (it takes a very "black forest" like engineering procedure for something as simple as draining and replacing fluid but hey, the cars are really fun to drive...) The timing belt should be done soon as you noted but it looks like the regular maintenance is up to date. The cooling fans tend to crap out around this mileage but there is some really good DIY fixes on the forum for free to solve that problem (mine failed on the trip home when I bought it but it only took me 20 minutes to repair) You might hear that one fan seems really loud after turning the car off. Pop the hood and see if both are running and usually one will be off.

You will notice an insane amount of brake dust on your wheels if it has the original pads or if it has had OE replacements. The clicking sound while braking is common for aftermarket pads so if you are needing replacement, get a good brand of full ceramic Pads (Hawk, Akebono, or others)with your next brake job. It makes a big difference in the dust.

Make sure the AC blows nice and cold and is not noisy as the 06-07's had very suspect AC compressors. Nothing really to do about it but if it hasn't blown by now it should probably be good. My Audi is fine, my VW was not. The 2.0t engine is direct injected which means that over time, the intake valves collect a lot of carbon build up and will begin to run rough at idle, stall out or become difficult to start when cold. Depending on how much stop and go driving, how long the PCV system has been failing and other factors determine when or if you will have issues. To pay a shop to clean the valves and intake system is kinda pricey but is well worth the expense when you begin to to experience problems. They will all develop some level of symptoms but it not a big deal. The junk mentioned above should not be considered "issues" or lemon like but it is part of owning a VW product. Never buy a new one but always buy a used one as the used values comprehend the work needed to keep them running well. If you do your own work, then these cars are a slam dunk for value. If you have to pay others then the decision is tougher. There are more dependable cars out there but not many that are as fun to drive. Good luck with the new ride.
Old 08-17-2012, 07:34 PM
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Thanks for the response! I bought the car yesterday and absolutely love it. I plan on doing the timing belt in the next couple of weeks. The audi dealer near my house is doing the recalls and I will add the DSG maintance to the list as well. I look forward to driving this car and have loved the past 24 hours, especially after driving a '98 Cherokee for the last 7 years. Thanks again for the response.
Old 08-24-2012, 01:37 AM
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with that many miles, might need a de-carb. also, check the cam-follower and change it if needed --- if not, it can lead to problems down the line including damaging the fuel pump
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