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Old 08-15-2006, 01:43 AM
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Default Radiator removal please help?

I've recently became an A4 owner a little over a yr ago. I recently owned a Maxima and was pretty big into modding it on my own and knew quite abit about the Max, doing all my own things through Maxim.org. I'm very unfamiliar with German cars and I need to get my radiator out to get fixed. I know where the problem is i see where the hole is and my Uncle said he can fix it but he doesn't take them out. He owns a radiator shop that fixes Intercoolers and radiators. I assume the front bumper has to come off as well as the brace that the headlights are bolted into. I got the headlights out as well as a few other top bolts to the brace and im havng trouble seeing how to remove the front bumper. Plus i searched all over for How to's and cant find anything to help me. Does anyone know how to get the radiator out or know of any links showing whats gotta come out. Im trying to not take out unessary bolts. I just need some help. Im quite handy but im just confused. Anything will be greattly appreciated.
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Old 08-15-2006, 10:36 AM
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Default RE: Radiator removal please help?

what year are you? search for snub mount install. check APR's site for this DIY snub install. It will tell you how to get the bumper off and I think your problem is probly the bumper shocks I think they will need to be removed. PITA! Good luck!

Your uncle fixes radiators but cant take one out of a car? thats weird! at least get him to lend you his tools.
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Old 08-15-2006, 10:47 AM
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Default RE: Radiator removal please help?

-get under the car, take the belly pan off.
-remove the 2 bolts that hold the front bumper on, located where the fog lights are/should be.
-unlatch the sides of the bumper near the wheel wells, and remove the bumper.
-remove the a/c condenser.
-remove the radiator. ( you are going to have to drain all the coolant first by loosening the red screw on the bottom right side of the radiator. let fluid start flowing then remove the cap to the overflow container)

Its actually a pretty easy thing to do. like smokeu said, search for snub mount replacement or timing belt replacement to get some pics and more detailed instructions.
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