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Turbo 4.2 abz v8

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Default Turbo 4.2 abz v8

So I was searching around like every other Audi enthusiast does to see if the 4.2 v8, any variation of it could be turbod. Well i came across this video where a guy swapped a 4.2 abz from a old a8 into a c4 a6 and turbod it. Is this bullshit? could the work be replicated? Could the engine be built to handle more boost then he is running it at?

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Hi MorePower37,
I am Vince from Germany.
I'm driving a turboed ABZ engine in my 1998 Audi S8.
It's my daily driver, and has been turbocharged since 2009. I've been owning the car since 2005 and have driven more than 50.000 miles turboed.
I did everything myself, so I'm pretty sure I can answer everything about turbocharging this engine.
I'ts a lot of work, especially package in the engine compartment is a huge problem. I did remove the engine 5 times till everything found place for the first shot, and another 6 times to get to places I couldn't reach to without removing the engine.

Now the facts: because it's my daily driver and as well reliability and gas mileage is also at least of some importance, right now this is my today's setup:
350 [email protected] 1/min
604 lb/ft @ 3891 1/min
1,1 bar / 16 PSI
370 lb/ft from 1000 1/min
2x KKK custom built turbocharger
APEXi AVC-R Boost Control
Snow Performance Water/Methanol injection
6-Speed Manual
Sachs Performance clutch
all gear ratios changed
axle ratio changed
diff-lock on rear axle (torsen limited slip diff, self made)
exhaust system selfmade: stainless steel from turbo manifold to tailpipe, including valve control for mufflers, 2x 200cpi cat. Shoots some flames in RevLimiter
20" 255/30 R20 on RH NAJ rims
Intercooler, preheating and tempcontrol valve for gearbox oil system added
Cylinder heads modified/polished
custom Air2Air intercooler (FMIC - front mounted intercooler)
front bumper modified for fit
and a lot of other modifications like Car-PC with 8" touch, welcome message in the Speedometer that says something in german like "Turbocharged engine, take care with your foot on the throttle".

today the car has some different look, like facelift front and anthrazite matte foiled body, but here some footage:

and because I did so often hear that it's fake, I created an album with some pics:

Meine Fotos - Fotos hochladen und speichern - Pixum
the password is: disbeliever

regards from Vince from Munich, Germany
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Hey thanks for the reply. It was very informative and impressive to see all of your work. It seems like a lot of work but your build is very clean. Your motor is very torquey and I am assuming the numbers you listed we're measured at the wheels? I realize that this is your daily but the horsepower is slightly underwhelming for the level straight line acceleration I am trying to have. Do you think the motor could be built up to have more power? Would a single turbo vs twin turbo or as you Germans say biturbo make a difference? I was planning out a vr6t swapped b5 s4 but I would rather have more cylinders and displacement. Thanks again for the reply and the pictures too.
Old 03-21-2014, 07:57 AM
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Well I guess you won't be able to fit a single turbo application V8 to a chassis like a Audi A8 oder A6 - i can hardly imagine the exhaust manifold. Therefore you want to run twin turbo setup, also because of better spool-up.
Yes, the high-rpm power is not that much, thats because of limited space for large turbos in my application.
Well I assume you can do a lot more hp. In the low rpm range I easily doubled the power, and I even used the stock rods because they can handle it. Well, despites the fact that i did not try if the engine block encounters problems regarding cooling in a higher hp range, I guess it will withstand some serious horsepower as well.
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Hi Lademeister

What are you controlling the ignition with ? and do you have a ignition table ?

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Default V8 turbo

Hey. I wanted to learn more about your s8 v8 turbo. some injectors you have installed? ecu stock 4D0907557P? Boost is controlled apexi? air-fuel ratio as a set up? motor fully stock? rods and pistons?

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