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18 year Old needs help

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Default 18 year Old needs help

Hi Group,

I just bought my 1st Audi (2005 TT 1.8t)

1 month into it and Ive had to replace all the heater hoses ($500). Then find out its over heating because the "Head is breached" as its not holding pressure. The shop wants $2900 to fix head and do a water pump and timing belt. Am I getting ripped off? It feels like it.

Is there any Audi mechanics in So Cal (Ventura or LA County) that can do the work on the cheap if I get the part. Im paying $300 a month payment and have to take a bus to school and work.

Any advice is appreciated.

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head work is usually pretty labor intensive. now I cant say for sure if that cheap or expensive so I'm sorry I cant help you there. all I can say for that is to ask around for prices. remember that you usually get what you pay for unless its someone who is just stealing from you.
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$2900 sounds pretty steep.. it's a 4 cyl after all.... not mechanically inclined at all? any friends who are? The job is not too difficult...

  • Service and Repair
Toothed belt, removing and installing

Mark the direction of rotation before removing the toothed belt. If a used belt rotates in the wrong direction when reinstalled, this can result in breakage.

1 - Engine support

2 - 45 Nm

3 - Toothed belt guard, top

  • To remove belt guard, it may be necessary to unbolt retainer for coolant return line (for turbocharger).
4 - Toothed belt

  • Mark direction of rotation before removing
  • Check for wear
  • Do not kink
5 - Idler roller

6 - 27 Nm

7 - 65 Nm

  • Use counter-hold 3036 to loosen and tighten
8 - Camshaft sprocket

  • For exhaust camshaft
  • Note installation position: camshaft sprocket is installed with smaller side facing out and TDC marking for cylinder 1 visible
9 - Tensioner

10 - Washer

11 - Tensioner for toothed belt

12 - O-ring

  • Replace
  • Lightly coat with coolant G 012 A8 D before installing
13 - Coolant pump

14 - 15 Nm

15 - Crankshaft sprocket

  • Contact surface between sprocket and crankshaft must be free of oil
  • Can only be installed in one position
16 - 90 Nm + 1/4 turn (90 degrees) further

  • Replace
  • Counter-hold with 3099 retainer to loosen and tighten
  • Place 2 washers between sprocket and retainer when mounting retainer
17 - 15 Nm

18 - 20 Nm

19 - Toothed belt guard, center

20 - Toothed belt guard, bottom

21 - 10 Nm

  • Removing toothed belt
Special tools, testers and workshop equipment required:

  • 10-222A Engine support bridge

  • 10-222A/1 Bracket for engine
  • Engine in vehicle

  • Disconnect air duct at bottom of right-hand longitudinal member (air duct leads to charge air cooler).

  • Remove sound insulation panels in center and on right (arrows).
  • Remove ribbed belt and tensioning element.

  • Remove coolant expansion tank and power steering reservoir (arrows) and move to one side with hoses connected.
  • Disconnect vacuum hose from EVAP canister and from connection on throttle valve.
  • Disconnect electrical connectors on coolant expansion tank and EVAP canister.
  • Remove toothed belt guard (top).

  • Set up engine support bracket 10-222 A with supports 10-222 A/1.
  • Install retainer 3180 to right lifting eye and attach to engine support bracket 10-222 A.
  • Lift engine slightly with spindle of engine support bracket 10-222 A.
Lift coolant expansion tank and power steering reservoir and tie them in place on the engine support bracket.

  • Set crankshaft to markings for TDC of No. 1 cylinder (arrows) by turning central bolt on crankshaft sprocket in direction of rotation.
  • Remove vibration damper, making sure not to change TDC position.
  • Remove center and bottom sections of toothed belt guard.

  • Unbolt engine support from engine console and engine console from body (arrows).
  • Unbolt connecting piece between engine console and body.
  • Take out engine console.

  • Remove bolts for engine support (arrows), but do not take out engine support.
To remove the bolts for the engine support, raise or lower the engine slightly as necessary via the spindles on engine support bracket 10-222A.

  • Mark direction of rotation of toothed belt with chalk or felt pen.

  • Screw M5 x 55 stud -1- into toothed belt tensioning element. Screw hex nut -2- onto stud -1- using a large washer -3-.
  • Only tension piston of tensioning element as far as necessary to secure it with a locking pin (e.g. from lifting appliance 2024A) arrow-.
  • Pull out toothed belt through space between engine support and cylinder block.
  • Installing toothed belt (setting camshaft timing)
  • The position of the toothed belt must be set as described below, even after repairs in which the belt is only taken off the camshaft sprocket.
  • When turning the camshaft the crankshaft must not be at TDC (danger of damage valves/piston crown).

  • Align camshaft sprocket mark with marking on cylinder head cover.
  • Place toothed belt on crankshaft sprocket (mark direction of rotation using chalk or paint).
  • Install toothed belt guard, lower part.
  • Install vibration damper (note installation position: hole in vibration damper is over projection on toothed belt sprocket).
  • Align vibration damper marking with marking on lower part of toothed belt guard.
  • Install toothed belt onto coolant pump, then tensioning roller, and finally camshaft sprocket.

  • Pull out locking pin (arrow) and loosen piston of toothed belt tensioning element.
  • Remove stud -1-.
  • Turn crankshaft two complete turns in engine direction of rotation, set again to TDC and check adjustment.
  • Install engine support and console.
  • Remove engine support bracket 10-222 A with retainer 3180.
  • Install toothed belt guard (center and top sections).
  • Install ribbed belt and tensioning element.
  • Install and secure coolant expansion tank and power assisted steering reservoir.
Tightening torques

************************************************** *****
you can rent some of the tools necessary from local parts shops...
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