200turb hard start

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Default 200turb hard start

my 200 cranks for along time before starting then seems like its ideling rich until it wams a few seconds.it runs great after that also this condition is hot or cold summer or winter any help please ?[8D]
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Default RE: 200turb hard start

cold start injector or just might need new spark plugs
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Default RE: 200turb hard start

[8D]thanks tried new plugs is the cold start injector servicable or is a replace only item location of injector on the 200?
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Default RE: 200turb hard start

Cold start injector is not serviceable. Anyway I doubt that it is the cold start injector, unless the injector is leaking and you are loosing system pressure during shutdown. On the CIS equipped cars cold start injector is not supposed to operate when the engine is hot.
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Default RE: 200turb hard start

yup ... i agree with the fuel pressure theory ... bad injectors, fuel pump/pressure check valve and least likely fuel pressure accumutator
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Default RE: 200turb hard start

thanks all any easy way to check accumator or check valve im new to this motor but determined to make it work right?
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Default RE: 200turb hard start

dudes what if same problem but also lots of bad black smoke,
trying to help a friend.

this is what is done:
system cleaned all of the air system, couse the oil got somehow into the air system and cloged some of the things. (like the idle air passage)
becouse of the impeler being wet of oil, I asume that oil came from the vent on top of the air box.

next, he took apart the fuel susytem, by disconecting the destrebuter from the system. draining the system of fuel.
next, car run like crap, as before, so he changed the destrebuter ignition, now car runs better but still with black smoke,
then changed the spark plugs, and car runs even better.

The ignition degrees is about 3 degrees in advance, any more left or right car starts to run worse, and sometimes wont start up.
idle starts at 500 when cold, then after some time runing starts to go down, he said car runs at 200RPM (how I have no idea)
he had grey smoke but now the system cleaned up a bit and all coming is black.

I know for a fact thats a rich mix, but is there any way of tuning or fixing. could it be the meater inside the fuel destrebuter or some other couse? maybe I mised some points that should have been atended too.
Germans made a sophisticated system, that supose to run great, but some thing is wrong, and runs like crap.
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Default RE: 200turb hard start

1st to check te fuel pressure you need a guage unless you're an expert and can eyeball it, but if you loosen the fuel filter in the engine compartment you should see fuel coming out ... wear some kind of gogles when doing this and be really carefull (gas + heat = fire) 2nd take out the spark plugs shine a light down in to teh cylinder, see if its wet or if the plugs are wet if so injecors are definetly bad.....
http://www.blauparts.com/ - they sell the fuel pressure guage also a bently manual would be nice to have

the black smoke deal - check ALL crankcase breather hoses - take them off and look inside ( no slacking eather ) they go bad from rhe inside .... blocked or colapsed breather hoses will make a car run bad and smoke too .... also a good idea is to check the lower wastegate hose ... cheak all the hoses running from the air intake boot .. take off and inspect .. clean with brake cleaner (non chlorinated) .... thake off the idle stabilizer valve and clean with carb cleaner several times ...

the fuel mixture can be ajusted ... I just did that on my car (5k TQ) .... you have to blokc off some breather hoses ... and thats when it stars smoking, but the smoke was white ( scared the pissout of me ) but after adjusting the fuel/air mix and recconecting everything back and driving for 3-5 miles it went away

this is a awsome page for reference http://www.sjmautotechnik.com/troubl...g/trouble.html
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