urgent help starting probs

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Default urgent help starting probs

my story.
It all seemed to start when my cold start injector stopped working, i tracked this down to the thermo time switch ,changed this and now the cold start injector looks to be working fine, spraying a sine mist of fuel for approx 4 seconds when cold.

but now the car will only start if i depress the accelerator about half way down, when it starts, and it always does it revs very rough almost like its missing, but if i dont rev it the tickover is perfect you cant fault it but as soon as i blip the accelerator it revs rough (how can the tickover be perfect when the reving is so rough.

it is like this for about 20 to 30 seconds then its fine, revving sweet tickover fine and cant fault the running or acceleration.

I really need a quick fix for this as i need to sell it fast and think i may have trouble if i have to start it from cold and they hear how rough it is.

please give me a quick fix
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Default RE: urgent help starting probs

It would help if you would let us know what model and year?
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Default RE: urgent help starting probs

What a wally, How could i have left that ouy, Sorry.

It's an Audi 80e 1.8 1990

cold start injector changed
thermo time switch changed
plugs, ht leads, rotor, dist. cap changed
aux. air valve working with the freezer test

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Default RE: urgent help starting probs

80e, Euro model, I am not sure how it differs from the US models that I am familiar with.

It sounds to me like it might be your rotor, distributor cup and ignition wires. When was the last time you replaced them? If the car ran fine prior to you changing the cold start injector then it might be something that you have disturbed along the way, possibly a connector that has corroded or a vacuum leak. Check the wires going to the temperature sensor. How does the car run when the engine is hot?
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Default RE: urgent help starting probs

The initial problem started all of a sudden one morning it was taking about 30 seconds of turning over before it would start, the cold start injector wasnt working so i changed the thermo time switch and the CSI worked, so i thought problem solved

But no,,
Plugs leads rotor cap were changed about 5 weeks ago when trying to over come the problem.

the funny thing is it will start with my foot on the accelerator and rev rough but take my foot off and it ticks over perfect, if i then blip the accelerator it sounds like its missing bad.
This lasts for about 30 seconds then its fine cant fault it at all when its been ticking over for about 30 seconds, then runs perfect and no problems when hot
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Default RE: urgent help starting probs

Welcome to the forum chippan!

This is a great site. We keep the dialogue friendly and the attitude positive. The info is well received by all and we are here to help anyone with the need. I hope you find it to your liking as well.

If you're not familiar with this forum, please click the START HERE! link. There you will find a forum vocab list, an Audi forum terminology list and an Audi lexicon list. They should be very helpful to you if you're not familiar with the jargon.

Please feel free to ask any question, but double check the archives first. Many questions have been archived and, quite often, the answers are comprehensive.
================================================== ====================================
As I recommend to many of our UK members, I'd check with Audi Sport. The blokes there are mostly from the UK, whereas we are mostly from the States. But please come back and let us know how you got it all sorted out so this thread can be archived with the results. Best of luck mate!
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