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Starting a standing s8

Old 08-03-2009, 03:39 PM
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Default Starting a standing s8

Ive been asked to help a friend start a S8(D2 i think) that has been standing for 3 years.
Currently the battery is dead so will be pulling it off to charge but was wondering if there was anything else worth checking?
Ie, will i need to resync the keys/fobs?

Old 08-04-2009, 12:36 AM
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Well gasoline has a shelf life of about 6 months without a fuel stabilizer added to it, and even then it probably won't last 3 years. Good luck getting it started without draining the old fuel out first.
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thats a tough one i think, probably just check everything out. Most likely i wouldnt think you'd need a new key fob incase it died for some reason? maybe change the oil since it sat for so long. new windshield washer fluid, and probably spray/ clean the inside most likely its musty besides taht nothing i can think of
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Originally Posted by auditech79 View Post
Well gasoline has a shelf life of about 6 months without a fuel stabilizer added to it
You sure about that? I live in snow country and never add stabilizer to my equipment during off seasons and have no problems. These days fuel has a lot of additives and generally lasts a lot longer than in the old days. I would try just putting in fresh fuel (hopefully the tank's not full) and some octane booster. My biggest concern would be that after 3 years of not running the rings may have seized and no longer seal properly, that's a common problem with engines that sit too long. Sometimes you get lucky and they shake loose with some running, sometimes not.
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Well, even though I also never use something like Stabil, after 3 years I would drain the tank best I could. Just simple humidity would cause water to build up.

-Pull the plugs and spray some engine fog, Marvel Mystry Oil or even WD-40 into the cylinders 2-3 times for a day and let sit over night.
-Change oil filter.
-Drain the oil and fill with any oil you want. 5w-20 or 0w-20 would be the best for this since it circulates quickly and wiil flow past most restrictions easier (flushing oil). Cheap is ok here since you will drain again. You can add some Seafoam or similar if ya like.
-Pull the MAF and clean with MAF cleaner. Clean Intake tube and change air filter. Check TB for Spider nests.
-Change Fuel filter.
-Fill tank with a few gallons (no need to waste in case it does not run).
-Put in New or Known Good battery. That one will prolly not hold a good charge at all.
-Replace plugs. Can use the old ones after checking and cleaning.
-Make sure water is topped off.
-Start car. Once engine is running, vary idle from 1000 to 2500 for a 15-30 secs to make sure oil system is full, followers are pumped up, and to loosen crap built up on ring lands. DO NOT go past 2500-3000 rpms at this point.
-Let idle until engine AND oil is warmed to operating temps. Careful not to overheat in case thermostat is stuck.
-Idle about 15 more minutes, stop engine and drain oil while hot. Fill with some decent oil in the proper weight, change filter again.
-Drain and fill coolant.
-Fill tank with Premium, adding Fuel System/Injector cleaner.
-Change oil again at ~500 miles and fill with good Synthetic.

Should be good to go.
Its worth mentioning it might run like crap for the first tank.

Good Luck.
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Thanks - it fired first time.
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