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Old 12-23-2009, 08:20 PM
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Default North Bay Imports in CT

Would anybody be interested in having some quad races in the north bay area somewhere. There is a parking lot that me and my gf go run the quads that would be perfect.
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Old 07-09-2010, 07:31 AM
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Default North Bay Imports Windsor, CT - Buyer Beware

These guys have beautiful cars, lots of low-mileage off-lease Audis of all types. But, be aware that they are typical used car dealers. All that matters is the sale. I'm still holding slips for items promised but never provided. Get everything you need before you take the car off the lot.

As others have found, some (many?) of these cars look good on the surface but have been in major accidents. Despite the assurances of North Bay that my low mileage A4 had never been in an accident, when I brought the car in to a local shop for repair of some minor cosmetic issues the manager pointed out that the entire driver's side of the car had been re-skinned and re-painted. When he showed me how to look for common signs of accident repair, this became quite obvious.

For a company with such high volume sales, failure to notice such defects (or perhaps intentional witholding of this information) is unnecessary and just poor business practice. The owner would not return my messages regarding this information which gives you another level of understanding about how these guys operate.

So, nice cars, but buyer beware. Based on the damage to my car, I likely overpaid by 10-20%. Don't buy a car from these guys without taking it to a trusted mechanic for an opinion on its mechanical soundness and accident repair history.

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Old 07-12-2010, 05:11 PM
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Out of curiosity, did you get a Carfax? Keep in mind that many new cars are damaged in transit while crossing the Atlantic. Believe it or not the car can be repaired and sold new with a clean title. The scary thing is that it's legal.

I understand that these guys are used car salesmen. I think all salesmen care only about one thing and that is the sale. What did they owe you?
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Old 07-13-2010, 08:06 PM
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We looked at Northbay - my advice....stay far away from them....there are better deals to be had. They are the typical used car dealer and, in my opinion, were pretty pricey. Here's my story...NB said the car had never been damaged or in an accident, ran the car fax...saw that there were no accidents reported according to the car fax. They didn't want to move more than $500 off the price. The car looked ok, we had them start working on financing, and asked if we could bring the car to a local mechanic the next morning. They did allow us to do that and 5 minutes into our visit with our mechanic, it was very obvious that car had been in a severe accident...front end was completely repainted and the paint job was subpar. In addition, the doors were not hanging properly from the car. We promptly returned the car to NB and said forget it! They made several calls to us trying to get us to buy the car - their story was that the car had a big scratch in the hood and they had it repainted. They had wanted $26,900 for a 2006 A4 with 20k miles. We went to New Country Audi in Greenwich a few days later, dealt with Ray (he's awesome) and walked away in a loaded 2009 A4 w/ 9k miles for $27,200. We discovered a month later that NB continued to run our credit report over a month after we walked away from their lot - we're assuming this was done to determine if we ever bought a car. I need to have my car serviced and though I have heard some really good things about NB's service dept, I am leary of going there at all - need to find somewhere around here to do my 15k service.
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Old 02-15-2011, 01:08 PM
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Default Would recommend

I bought my A6 Avant last July. I am adding this almost 9 months later...and this is why...

I had a buddy from near Boston buy his A6 here and he had never had an issue, but I was still skeptical about going there. I even read this forum and others. Mixed reviews to say the least. So I first went to Hoffman first thing on a Saturday. First one in the door. I was told the Sales guys were in a meeting. I waited 20 minutes without anyone addressing me so i told them I may be back. Shot up to North Bay where I was shown a car that wasn't even on the lot yet. After a test drive we got the car we wanted for the price we wanted.

I had a problem in the recent weeks with the washer fluid leaking over the amplifier in the back. I have read some forum where there seems to be a design flaw as the hatch opens its grinds at the fluid tube. needless to say my amp fried. Chris (Service manager) and company replace my amp and fixed my nozzle immediately with out any question. I was even expecting I would have to drop a little money. I was going to then write on this forum to express my thanks but never got to it.

Today was the kicker. When I first got the car I had to get some registration work done on it and they gave me a loner. When I returned loaner I lost one of the key sets. I swore it was in the rental car but could not find. Long story short, I received my keys in the mail today 8 months later! Chris graciously sent to me and said I believe these are yours. The new owners found them. He could have easily kept and recoded to another car.

I would highly recommend these guys. Chris has been nothing but honest and good business man to me.
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Old 05-18-2011, 02:30 PM
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Default third car from north bay

I recently bought my third car from north bay and they have been nothing but great. the 2009 A4 i was looking at had a scratch on the rear bumper that could not be fixed, so as part of the deal, they painted it so it would be perfect. about 6 months after i purchased it, i brought it to an audi dealer for the free scheduled maintenance. when I went to pick it up, they said the car had been in a major accident from the rear. I asked them how they could tell and they told me because the rear bumper cover was painted. i told him IT painted it due to a scratch and he was dumbfounded. so you have to be careful when you bring a car to a dealer you did not buy it from. they will tell you anything so next time you buy a car from them. another thing the audi dealer told me is that i needed an air filter and pollen filter, but when i called north bay, they told me they just put brand new ones in. my two points are that a large amount of cars get scratches and dents on them that have to be painted, but that does not mean it was in an accident. if you are looking for a perfect car cosmetically, chances are something was painted on the car. and second point is when you buy from one place and service at another, be careful what they try to tell you is wrong with the car so they can make money on you. This is my third care from northbay and all 3 have been great with no real service issues. I will continue to by from them.
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Old 06-02-2011, 05:16 AM
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If a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is. CarFax really is a bunch of bull. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of cars that have been in accidents and have been repaired without having the repair been sent to CarFax. It is a good starting point to see if the previous owner took even the slightest bit of care for the car but honestly, the CarFax should not be a deal breaker.

As always with ANY used car sale private, second hand used, or even an Audi dealer, ALWAYS bring someone that knows what they're looking at cosmetically and mechanically before a final sale is made. A salesman is just a salesman. More times than none, they do not even know what they're looking at and do not know the specifics about the car you're looking at. Yes, they can read the brochure and tell you the power ratings and comfort features but they do not know what happened to this car from the production date up to the time you come to look at it. Anything could have happened.
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Old 05-30-2016, 07:29 AM
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Default Great Experience at North Bay Imports

I bought a car here in April. These guys were great. They had the make and model I wanted, a late model Audi A5 Premium Plus Cabriolet. These are hard to find and they had several on the lot. I traveled to CT from Florida to get the car. There was a problem with the financing and they were able to sort it out promptly. I arrived right before closing, but Jackson took the extra time to go with us to the airport to drop off our rental car, staying late. I have had the car for two months now and love it...absolutely no problems. This was a great car buying experience.
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