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Up Close & Personal: Wolfgang Uber All In One

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Up Close & Personal: Wolfgang Uber All In One

Old 10-24-2014, 10:22 AM
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Default Up Close & Personal: Wolfgang Uber All In One

The launch of Wolfgang Uber All In One is one that I'll never forget...

I'm confident that my (now antiquated) iPhone 5 made more beeps, pops, and buzzes last night than a 16 year old girl's phone on prom night. How did you people get my phone number anyway?

I blame Pats300ZX. :ban:

Moving on...I received text messages asking questions like:
  • How does it compare to (insert one of dozens AIOs here)? - Try it and compare for yourself!
  • It is simply Uber Compound mixed with Deep Gloss Paint Sealant? - We tried that originally, but it turned into a messy science experiment
  • What does it smell like? - my personal favorite!
  • Would you say it adds more depth or more gloss to the paint? - Gloss, for sure.


Put a keyboard in front of me, and I'll amaze you with my speed and accuracy....however I'm not much of a texter, so please excuse my choppy sentences and lack of emoticons for those that received a reply last night.

I was originally planning on creating a review/how-to of Wolfgang Uber All In One some time next week, but to satisfy the appetite of all you gloss-crazed enthusiasts that insist on sending me text messages at 1:37 am (EASTERN TIME!), I deemed it necessary to create a thread and answer any questions you may have today.

What exactly is Wolfgang Uber All In One?

Wolfgang Uber All In One is the single product that will revolutionize the way you detail your vehicle. Engineered to clean, polish, and seal paintwork in one step, Wolfgang Uber All In One replaces the need for 3 separate products without compromising shine or longevity. Wolfgang Uber All In One is a time-saving solution for those that don’t want to invest in multiple steps or spend days detailing their vehicle. Wolfgang Uber All In One is the only product of its type that doesn’t compromise paint protection – a single application lasts up to 6 months!

How does that benefit you?

First and foremost, the meat and potatoes of production detailing is one-step cleaner waxes/AIOs. Mike Phillips has more articles on this than I have about cleaning wheels and tires. Unless you have a customer that is willing to pay big bucks for a multi-step polishing system, a quality AIO will be your go-to product for most details.

Second, not everyone is interested in performing multiple steps. To properly detail your vehicle, you need to AT LEAST perform these two steps:
  1. Dedicated polish/pre-wax cleaner
  2. Sealant/wax

Wolfgang Uber All In One cleans paint to remove embedded dirt, polishes to create a high gloss, and seals for ultimate protection – in ONE step!

Perfect example: I absolutely love polishing and waxing my daily driver - 2013 Civic Si. This car might as well be a Ferrari 458, because that's how much I enjoy driving it. My wife's car on the other hand, is a Honda Accord, which I refer to as the "mommy mobile." Sure it's a great car, and she appreciates shiny paint, but I'm simply not interested (and neither is she) in spending an entire Sunday performing multiple steps every time I detail it. That's why Wolfgang Uber All In One is perfect for this type of application, because it:

Wolfgang Uber All In One contains an advanced blend of cleaning agents that remove embedded dirt, previously applied waxes and sealants, road film, and basically anything else that would prevent the sealant from adhering to the paint. Simply put, the cleaner the paint, the greater the shine! Wolfgang Uber All In One removes the types of contaminants that regular washing does not.

Wolfgang Uber All In One features the same type of micro-fine abrasives that polish your paint to a brilliant, glossy finish. While they’re not designed to be aggressive in their cutting ability, the abrasives found in Wolfgang Uber All In One will remove light swirl marks and water spots when applied using a foam polishing or cutting pad on a dual action polisher. The most impressive feature of the abrasives found in Wolfgang Uber All In One is the fact that they won’t cause micro-marring or hazing on soft black paint. Find another all in one or cleaner wax that can make that claim!

Wolfgang Uber All In One protects paintwork with the same fortified polymers that are found in other Wolfgang sealants and waxes. These German Super Polymers blanket your paintwork in a clear protective coating that is able to withstand extreme climates. These polymers have an outstanding anti-static property that repels water, oil, dust, and other contaminants to keep your vehicle cleaner in between washes. The tight, round water beads created by Wolfgang Uber All In One will surely make you the winner of any beading contests!

Best of all, it will last up to 6 (SIX!) months!

Wolfgang Uber All In One - a Supercharged Cleaner Wax

Now that you're familiar with the product, let me show you what it's capable of. Check out the hood of this 2001-ish Ford Focus. What you're looking at is oxidized clear coat.

Yes, clear coats can oxidize! It takes a long time, but it can happen. This is what your paint will look like if it sits out in the Florida sun for 13 years without being taken care of!

Viewer discretion - the photo below may offend some of you.

Since the hood of this Focus is oxidized, the paint is very dry, which means I want to apply Wolfgang Uber All In One heavy, or wet. For maximum cut, I applied the AIO with a Orange Hybrid Cutting Pad on a FLEX XC3401.

I cranked the FLEX up to speed 6, applied about 20 pounds of downward pressure, and worked on an area about 16 x 16 inches. 4-5 passes were performed.

For maximum longevity, Wolfgang Uber All In One needs to dry to a haze before removal. This takes a minute - TOPS. If you're working on oxidized single stage paint, I would recommend buffing it off immediately and then applying a second thin coat and letting it dry to a haze. Not necessary, but it does promote better longevity.

Let it Shine!

The picture below speaks for itself:

To further refine the surface and really maximize the gloss, I did a second pass with a White Hybrid Polishing Pad. This further refined the surface and eliminated any micro-marring created from the aggressive orange pad.

If you're looking for an AIO/cleaner wax that finishes great on softer paint systems and doesn't compromise on longevity, Wolfgang Uber All In One is for you.

Now stop texting me! :nomore:

Wolfgang Uber All In One
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