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400 HP A6 Project

Old 04-07-2016, 01:05 PM
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Default 400 HP A6 Project

Hello Audi Forums

I have a 2002 A6 2.7t Quattro sport tip with the sport package .

I all ways wanted the s4 2.7t. But while driving the A6 (being a family man) I wanted a full size luxury car.

Now I have had my fair share of projects. Been doing it for 14 years. Just letting you know that I do know my way around and understand how/why things work together. When I decide to have a project car, I go a little nuts with it .

I just decided no more then a month ago to make it my project/street car. Something I can take the family in and still smoke your *** .

So here is the start of what I have done and have planned.

With having any project on the street, you must make sure the car can handle the power being added, the stopping force at high speeds and the right tires.

This is what I have done so far in the last 3 weeks.

New front control arms with ball joints
New inner and outer tie rods
New stabilizer links
New left wheel bearing
New ss brake lines front and back
New drilled crossed rotors and pads front and back with new hardware
17" BBS wheels with street drags
New lug nuts (Just because I can)
Battery relocated to the left compartment in the trunk (Used 2G Wire)
Tranny flush with royal purple
Trany Vag Com code changed to 00032
Custom 4" air intake that goes through the fire wall and is in place of the battery with a high flow UPGR8 filter. The MAF was also extended to this location away from heat. Yes things where reinforced.
New high flow 2" charged pipes.
New Aftermarket turbo coupler kits with new clamps (The good ones lol)
Fuel lines are 8an and 6an.

I have ready to go on.
Performance headers
2 adjustable D valves
Trans cooler

This is where I need a little help.
The next step is to delete the secondary pumps. I truly hate those ******* lol. I know there is a kit for the air pump and the water pump is just a line that will be replaced with ss.

While im there I want to upgrade some air flow. Know I been reading that the 2.8 intake has larger ports. I also read the the 2.8 heads have larger ports. Then I read that changing intake will give you no benefits, plus its plastic. What do you guys think about porting the intake ports. Does anyone have a picture of what it looks like in side.

I wanted to get some intake spacers and saw that they can adapt to the heads but didnt say the intake. So if someone can clarify this for me that would be great.

Next is the trans cooler. Surprised I didn't look and dont know, is the cooler part of the rad or does it have its own cooler?

The reason for the headers already is a got a good deal and ko4s will be going in someday.

So this is what I have for a start before getting a tune done. I would love to hear some input on this. I just started into this so I know there is more information needed.
Old 04-07-2016, 02:50 PM
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Go k04s, fueling, open intake, turbo back

Well over 400hp, daily drive-able

I did mine last year and i promise you, do it right and you will love the car.

Old 04-08-2016, 12:30 PM
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Originally Posted by bmores4 View Post
Go k04s, fueling, open intake, turbo back

Well over 400hp, daily drive-able

I did mine last year and i promise you, do it right and you will love the car.

Thats kinda the reason for the tread.

1. Have documentation of what I have done. With any project documentation should be done.

2. To make sure its done right...

I want to make sure everything is ready and prepared for the tune.

My plan is to tune the car twice (Pay for a APR tune, re-tune the car for free for life). Once with the ko3. But I want to have every supporting mod for the tune. Then after everything is done, wait until I have the time to pull the motor and add the ko4s with the headers. Then I would get it re-tuned.

Im trying to have the most reliable power. Where I can have my DD but then
have my 12 second car when I want it. 400hp is just a goal as most cars pushing 400hp run 12s. She is a heavy *** pig so maybe 400whp .

I just want to find all the little tricks and tips before the tune. Like re-coding the sport tip trans, witch is awesome as I have wheel control.

I already have the kit for the air pump on the way. I also have the intake spacers on the way. I have a bit of an line and fittings from other projects, so no need to buy the water bypass kit.

But I would like to know the info for the 2.8 heads and intake. More so the intake. And info on porting the stock intake ports on the heads. Would it be worth my time and have good benefits.

I have ported heads many times. I also have ported the iron plates for the b18 rotary from my old rx8 (nitrous build). Its time consuming and want to make sure its worth it for the 2.7.

Here is a link to my very first build (was 18) 12 years ago. Its a noob build I know. But learned a lot from it and can imagine what I know now 12 years later. This is kinda what I have planned for this one but with turbos and details on things will of course be different.
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I wouldn't worry about doing the 2.8 heads, unless you are going to go big turbo.
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