Power loss - Turbo problem?

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Default Power loss - Turbo problem?

Any comments on the following would be really helpful.

I have a 1995 Audi 80 1.9TDI. For some reason I appear to be experiencing a power loss whilst driving. The problem occurs when I generally hit around 3000 revs and commonly in the 70 - 80mph range. The problem manifests itself on motorways when I try to accelerate past cars. For example, I could be driving comfortably at just under 3000revs at 75mph, finding that I need to overtake I put my foot down and go to accelerate. The car pulls away but then as it hits the 3000 revs mark the engine looses power and stops pulling. It actually feels like you've hit a strong headwind and the car is being held back. I have tested this at lower speeds and the problem does not seem to reoccur. For example, driving along the road at 30 mph and performing a fast accelerate to 45 mph. The problem only seems to occur at speeds above 70mph and always kicks in at th 3000 revs. About 9 months ago I had the car serviced and the mechanic commented that the Turbo boost pipe sounded like it might be hissing a bit. I wonder whether anyone thinks that what I have described is symptamatic of a turbo pipe problem? Are there any tests I should carry out to establish what might be wrong?

Everything else in the engine department seems alright. The timing belt has been changed at the approapriate interval, there is no oil loss, radiator fluid is fine, temperature of the engine runs as normal.

Apologies if I have not described things fully, please let me know if you need any more details and I'll be happy to provide them.


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Default RE: Power loss - Turbo problem?

I am having basically the exact same problem except for me it happenes in 2nd and 3rd gear. I will be going along fine with no problems then i hit about 3000rpm and it feels like someone disconnects my accelerator and then hooks it back up and the power comes back. I have searched this site and others and cant find anything definite. I have checked my injectors, spark plugs, coils, replaced Ignition controll modual, checked air filter, replaced fuel filter, timing belt is not due to be replaced yet, and my turbo isnt showing signs of being damaged. Some leads im researching now are DV valve, vacume leak, or some sensors(who knows which ones they could be)
P.s my car is a 1997 a4 1.8t quattro
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Default RE: Power loss - Turbo problem?

both of you have diferent problem, I try to solve it while being in Calculus 2.
a_emblin, you have probably have fuel starvation, check that pump is pumping enough fuel, and that filter is good. When on diesel, you probable have that couse you have a diesel. Also I would check if you have black smoke when you hit 3000RPM.

Luke Skywaker, you probably need to check the sensors as Oxygen abd Throtle position sensor. Also check that you get the boost, some air tubes might inflate and release the air charge out under the boost. As well that turbo is spining freally.

That be all, I need to do my stuff
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Default RE: Power loss - Turbo problem?

Does it happen in any gear at 3000 rpm or just in 5th?
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