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Old 09-24-2007, 11:03 AM
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Default 2004 A4 Idles Rough - Need Guidance!

Hi Everyone.

I am new to this forum, I came across it doing a google search for mechanical help on a problem I am having.

I have a 2004 A4 1.8T Quattro.

Here are my symptoms:

Car idles rough ( the RPM's will dip low and then jump up. Feels like the car will die but it catches itself)
Only happens in the afternoon after work.

I found a forum on here talking about common problems in the 1.8T engine. It mentions the idling problem, but there are soo many possible answers I do not know where to begin. I took it to the dealership twice on this issue and they cannot find the problem. Of course, everytime I take it - it doesn't idle rough for them. They probably think I am making it up!

They DID mention to me that they took the oil cap off while the car was running, and they should have heard a vacuum-like suction sound. They didn't. But, from my understanding, they didn't try to fix this or think this was the problem. They just set up another appt for me to come in this week.

I'd like to mention to them the possible problems that this forum has pointed out:

"Rough Running At Idle - MAF, Ignition Coil, Spark Plug, VAC Leak, O2 Sensor, TB, CTS"

But, I'd like to narrow it down if I could. Does anyone have experience with the problem and what was your fix?

I'd also like to know if this might relate to the sludge problem with the 1.8T engine. Sadly, my warranty runs out in 6K miles, so I want to try to get whatever I can done! I don't want this to be a pre-cursor to the broken engine in the future. I also found out Audi doesn't do any preventative work for the sludge problem - only after the problem has happened. if I want them to look at the engine to see if i have any minor sludge problems it costs me $$!

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Old 09-24-2007, 11:10 AM
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Default RE: 2004 A4 Idles Rough - Need Guidance!

when i fixed up my first audi after its wreck, i had a similar prob, it would be running fine and then all of a sudden it would lose power, and feel like it was running on 2 of the 6 cylinders,in my case it was just the spark plugs were old and wouldn't get spark to them, i would say its not MAF, because that would make it a constant rough idle.
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