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A8 Transmission- HELP!

Old 12-29-2009, 01:59 PM
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Default A8 Transmission- HELP!

Hello all.

I own a 2000 A8 with 110,000 miles. I've owned the car since 2004 and 40,000 miles and have very few problems, transmission died. One day the car stopped going forward. Fast forward to today- took the car to a transmission rebuilder, had the transmission rebuilt and the car drives in all gears. Here's the problem- at low speeds- under 40 mph it feels like the car is searching for a gear, although it doesn’t shift out of what it's in (usually 3rd) it just rev's up and down as I drive at 20-30 mph. The mechanic has rebuild the torque converter and also replaced the solenoids. I do not get a check engine light and at higher speeds - like 60 it doesn't appear to have a problem. Also, part of this is a "tac bounce" where you can't feel the car revving higher the tac will just bounce up 2 or 3 hundred rpm.

Finally, if this wasn’t enough- there is occasionally a studder type feeling in the center- toward to back of the car when under load- like climbing a hill. Feels like a rear end failing- but it's closer to the center than the back of the car and this doesn't happen all the time.

The biggest problem with all of this- besides the money I spent to fix what seemed a straight forward problem is I really like my car and don't want to give up and get something else. Nor would my wife ever let me buy anther Audi after all we've gone through with this issue. The shop has stood by their work, but at this point don't know how to fix the problem and are telling me it has nothing to do with the transmission and is a motor issue. One recommendation someone at a different transmission shop gave me was to take the car to an Audi dealer and have them "flash" the computer. He said the car’s computer doesn’t recognize the rebuild and needs to be re-set at factory settings (which I guess is what a “flash” does) and that will solve my problem. Anyone have any thoughts on that before I spend $200 more dollars chasing a problem no one seems to understand?

I appreciate any help you can give me. Thanks.
Old 12-30-2009, 12:15 AM
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Try checking some other things other than the transmission. Unfortunately sometimes it seems as if your problems would all be connected but in fact Audi has mastered the everything ***** up and quits at the same time parts collection.

I would clean your MAF and search for Vacuum leaks

also for the TAC bounce see this thread;

I have heard that these transmissions have a problem with hunting for gears but I think it was in 5th on the highway.
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Thank you for the suggestions- and the thread link. I'm going to start with the MAF- I'll keep you all posted. It's great to have found this site- I've learned a lot by reading the threads. Great site!
Old 12-30-2009, 04:41 PM
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Cleaned the MAF with the MAF cleaner- no joy, problem still there. WIll next try replacing MAF with new sensor.
Old 01-04-2010, 09:41 AM
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Run a can or two of dry-gas/gas-treatment (STP, or some such), with teh next two fill-ups. The shudder cud be from a clogged injector, or two. Have you had anyone run your motor for codes? Check for a vag-com in your area:
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Did you ever find the problem with this?

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