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Got The A8 Blues!

Old 03-03-2010, 01:57 AM
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Unhappy Got The A8 Blues!

First off Hello everyone,

I'm an A8 owner twice over and plan on sticking with this Dynamic Machine for a while. I've had the D2 and now the D3 Chassi and I consider myself to be Very Analytical and a Problem Solver which has saved me a consideral amount of time & money. I'm trying to circumvent spending uneccessary money with Audi Techs only to know that I could've eliminated or ruled out some of the Wasted Time that will be spent hitting Dead Walls. So I will ask for forgiveness for Posting what will be a Very Long Problem Solving Session that I've had while Brainstorming with Techs from the Audi World. I have attached the Transcripts from my Discussion, but Fair Warning it is a Very Detailed and Indepth Conversation.

Thanks in advance Williebone

P.S. I don't get alot time to Interact, but I will monitoring the Responses.

00-Steering Angle Sensor -- Status: OK 0000
01-Engine -- Status: OK 0000
02-Auto Trans -- Status: Malfunction 0010
03-ABS Brakes -- Status: Malfunction 0010
05-Acc/Start Auth. -- Status: Malfunction 0010
06-Seat Mem. Pass -- Status: Malfunction 0010
07-Control Head -- Status: Cannot be reached 1100
08-Auto HVAC -- Status: Malfunction 0010
09-Cent. Elect. -- Status: Malfunction 0010
0E-Media Player 1 -- Status: Cannot be reached 1100
0F-Digital Radio -- Status: Cannot be reached 1100
15-Airbags -- Status: Malfunction 0010
16-Steering wheel -- Status: Malfunction 1010
17-Instruments -- Status: Malfunction 0010
19-CAN Gateway -- Status: Malfunction 0010
25-Immobilizer -- Status: Malfunction 0010
28-HVAC, Rear -- Status: OK 0000
34-Level Control -- Status: OK 0000
36-Seat Mem. Drvr -- Status: Malfunction 0010
37-Navigation -- Status: Cannot be reached 1100
38-Roof Electronics -- Status: Malfunction 1010
42-Door Elect, Driver -- Status: Malfunction 1010
46-Central Conv. -- Status: Malfunction 1010
47-Sound System -- Status: Cannot be reached 1100
4F-Centr. Electr. II -- Status: Malfunction 0010
52-Door Elect, Pass. -- Status: Malfunction 1010
53-Parking Brake -- Status: Malfunction 1010
55-Xenon Range -- Status: Malfunction 0010
56-Radio -- Status: Cannot be reached 1100
61-Battery Regul. -- Status: Malfunction 1010
62-Door, Rear Left -- Status: Malfunction 1010
65-Tire Pressure -- Status: Malfunction 0010
72-Door, Rear Right -- Status: Malfunction 1010
75-Telematics -- Status: Malfunction 1010
76-Park Assist -- Status: OK 0000

Please see the Attachment for the Full Story behind this Vag-Com Report
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I know this doesn't help you in any way, but I can't help saying it - holy crap! That's a lot of malfunctions!
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Yep! But if you look at the Attachment, it's now down to 12 issues. These 12 issue are the ones that are stimming from something Gone Wrong and they are the ones of concern. Thanks
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I think I tried to go about this the wrong way trying to attach a Word Doc that I had Copied/Pasted VCDS Reports and Just Log Sessions to making the File Too Large for Attachment. I'm working with them now to remove all Personal Information so that I can just Add the Link to the Session. Please have patience with me until then, so lets call this closed for now until they clean it up for me. I realized that I could shorten the Link removing my Pass Code from it, but thru-out the Session was Personal Information and that is what they are working on.
There are 2 other Forums I registered on that does allow the attachment, but I'm sure someone would have to join in order to open it and that's not my intent. I usually work solo and don't enlist the help of others, but this time I find that the need for others help is neccessary. I also understand the fear in opening a Large File and being new to these Forums I know that I haven't earned anyone's Trust yet so I don't blame anyone. I too belong to Various Forums for my South African Cichlids and understand Security.
I will Re-Post with a New Subject Line so the Mods can delete this Thread if they would like to. Thanks
Old 03-04-2010, 02:17 PM
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Don't sweat it, Willie. Post it back to this thread. The A8 section doesn't get a boatload of traffic, so there's not a lot of people to somplain, anyway. 'Sides, there really only two mods who normally visit this section, and neither of us cares all THAT much, about threads enough to go thru the trouble of deleting a perfectly good thread.
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Wink A8 Blues URL Link

Ok, I now have a direct link to Just regarding my Session with Audi Techs. I had them remove all personal data from the Transcripts, but somehow they gumbled part of the First VCDS Report. However thats not that important since the Last VCDS Report shows the Faults that can not be Cleared. Just click on the"Read More" button to expand the Session Log.

I am looking forward to the Responses from those that know this Car. Thanks in Advance Williebone

P.S. BTW before someone ask which VCDS I'm using, it is the HEX-CAN+USB recommended by Ross-Tech. Also, if possible please keep the above link in your Reply so that everyone can find it.
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I was really hoping to have some suggestions at this point, but I guess maybe that I was a little to Impersonal with my approach. So, here is a short of the problems. I did an Aftermarket Upgrade to the Sound System and I beleive from cycling the Ignition over and over again thru out the Install has created problems.

I now have Parking Brake Symble, Parking Brake Warning, Brake Warning and Warning Buzzers along with a new Airbag Warning Light. There is no Power to the Left Parking Brake Motor and MMI has gone Dead. I have been on working with an Audi Tech and was looking for some input regarding my Problem Solving Session with him. I tried Copying the Session to a Word File along with my VCDS Report, but the File was too large to Upload so I Zip Filed it (compressed).

The above Link to take you directly to my Session with the Audi Tech so that you can understand what led up to my DTCs and Dead MMI. I know it may seem like an added step to do in order get my story, but I tend to be Very Long Winded and I know that I will get alot of questions. I only thought that it wasn't neccessary to repeat it all over again, so please help me out. Thanks, Willie
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Sorry we haven't ben more responsive, but, it's more that the A8 section isn't very well represented, on this forum. Me, mostly, and a small handful of other regular visitors/owners. auditech79 is an actual audi technition, and he visits infrequently. You could PM him or R.A.I. Motorsport (or, rayveedub, same person) and link back to teh thread, and you'll get the best advice we have to offer.

Nothing at all to do with your approach. we ain't THAT sensitive (but, some flowers 7 candy wudda been nice)

Myself, and most others in teh A8 section are, at best, shadetree mechanics. I can do general diagnosis and "tuning" by the seat of my pants, but, codes and whatnot are beyond my ken, currently. Too busy advancing my career(s) in Network and Physical Security to get up-to-speed on e-diagnosing.

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Unhappy Result So Far!

I'm in the process of eleminating each Unit/Module in the MMI Loop by using an Optical Loop Tool on each Unit one by one. I've tested all 4 Units in the Trunk/Boot (Nav/Sat/Radio/Amp) and will head to the CD Unit in the Glove Box next. So far the Testing with the Loop Tool has not Brought the MMI back up Online. I have my suspissions about the Energy Management Control Module, but I'm going thru the Process of Illimination before heading that way. Thanks for looking at the Link and I hope the responses keep coming.

P.S. I noticed the above Link is a little slow, so please be patient. Thanks

Ok, it's time to share some info since I see some would rather have the Story Up Front and Pesonal. I'm a DIYer and Very Tech Savy. It take me a very long time to complete a project from start to finish because I'm Mathotical in my approach to everything (annalytical). My first A8 (D2) had a Professional System Upgrade to the Sound System not because I couldn't do it myself, but because of time. The only thing I did was research Speaker Replacement to fit OEM Cut-Outs and removed Ski-Thru for Custom Subwoofer Application. I settled with JL Audio (441) which allows you to keep Factory OEM HU an all applicable controls (steering/nav/etc..) and by-pass bose amp. This is the only way to add Aftermarket Amps and keep your Factory Look. I lived in Heaven with the New Sound System until I decided to Sell the car and move to the D3. I removed all aftermarket equipment myself and put the D2 back to Factory Specs and said goodby to the car.

Now for the Black w/ Smoke Gray Leather D3 Mods: 20mm Spacers on the Rear & 15mm Spacers on the Front (All Bolt On from ECS) and stayed with my 12 Spoke Turbines/ Audi Logo Valve Caps. Added Custom Grey Leather Logo Seat Belt Pads/ Custom Grey Leather Logo Seat Over-Lays/ Trunk Molded Rear Lip Spoiler/ Rear Glass Spoiler/ Dual Vent Low-Profile Wind Diflector. SoundSytem Upgrade: Replaced 8" Front Door Subs w/7" Full Range Woofers/ Added 2" Silk Dome Tweeters to Front Door Grills/ Replaced L & R Dash Mids with 2" Mids all tied to 3-Way Electronic Passive Cross-Overs. Replaced Rear Door Woofers & Tweeters w/ 7" Full Range/ Added 2" Silk Dome Tweeters tied to 2-Way Electronic Passive Cross-Overs. Removed Ski-Thru and Built Custom Contoured Shallow Box (H-15"xW-14"xD-7" @ 0.35 cubic. ft.) using 3" Shallow Mount 10" Subwoofer. Built Custom Epuipment Rack: (W-12"xH-14"xD-14") Covered both w/Matching Carpet. Epuipment: CDT Cross-Overs/Soudstream Stealth Amps (320/4 & 600/1 Small Stackable Units)/Audio Control ESQ & 2XS/JL Audio (SSI & 441). Sound Deadened all Aluminum Panels in the 4 Doors. Power Wired directly to Battery using 4 guage Power Wire w/110 Amp Cut-Off Relay Switch (Service & Repair). The Ground Wire is connected to Left Side of Trunk Floor using an existing Ground Point that is Utilizing an existing Ground Wire from Some Unit in the Left Rear. The Power and Ground are running to a D-Block with a Heavy Duty Quick Disconnect for Removal of Equipment. The Entire Aftermarket Set-UP is Carry & Go with Disconnects on anything running to the Equipment Rack as well as the Sub Box. There is Very Little Loss of Luggage Space and done this way because I travel alot.

There is no Alteration to the Body or Panels. Everything in the Equipment Rack runs to the D-Block on the Rack. There is 1 Unit in the Rack that is responsible for Remote Turn On of all of the Aftermarket Equpment. That 1 Unit's Remote Turn On Wire is connected to the Bose Amp's Yellow/White Wake Up Wire which is Common in the A8's wiring Diagram. I have the Bentley Publishing Service Manual which is how I know about Sevicing/Repair/Location/Wiring & Dismantalling of this car. So, because the D3 is Optical, you have to tap the Speaker Wires after the Bose Amp and then Sum the Signals (JLA-SSI) to get a Full Range Sound and cancel the EQ Curve and Cross-Over Point (JLA-441). The Bose Front Channel provides HF, Front Doors Subs provides MF, and 12" Sub provides LF. You now have clean signal source to use any aftermarket equipment with the Bose Premium Systems be it Foreign or Domestic. There is nothing Better than driving the Best Car on market with the Best Sound System which runs rings around Bose & B&O both combined. However, you have to be an Audiophile to appreciate the Detail in good quality music and I listen to all Genera of Music. This Mod Project was 4 months into the making with everything from research/planning/& execution. The last 3 or 4 weeks were the Powering and Tuning Process of the Sound System only because of my need to be Perfect. This entails setting cross-over slopes, setting filters, setting output levels, setting equalization. I have the 12" Factory Sub disconnected at the Sub, the Front Dash Center & Rear Shelf Fill Speaker wires were cut in the Trunk. Using these Speakers with the Aftermarket System shows the Bose Flaws. The front Dash L & R Speaker wire is cut also, but I used the existing wire to the 2 Dash Speakers as an after-thought due to missing frequency range in the Front Sound Staging. I will eventually add 2 Rear Fills in the Rear Shelf. Other than the Front Dash Speakers, I ran New 14 guage Wire to the New Speakers, but the existing Bose Wiring as well as Harness/Connectors are still in place and sealed with Electrical Tape so that I can re-install Factory Equipment when I sell the car.

So, this is where my problem begins. It was during the testing stage Powering and tuning in the garage without a charger that I would often drain the Battery down to Low or Dead. I would do this and have to jump the Battery and drive the car to get the power back up. I would often ignore the warning "Start Engine in 3 Minutes" that would pop up on the Screen. I would do this by turning the Key/Ignition to the right without starting the car to get rid of the Message. Sometimes this process would go on every 5 minutes or so until she would just die. My tuning takes hours, Days, and Weeks. After being annoyed by this, I went out and bought an All in 1 Multi Charger (charger/trickler/jumper/monitor/etc..) and connected it directly to the Battery Post. I just found out what the Ground Stud by the EMC is used for lol! Needless to say, I was now able to carry out my entinsive tuning process only stopping when the battery was low or dead and I would then throw it on the Charger. I then got smart and starting testing with the charger running. Well then the Symptoms started: Could not access the Car Function Button on the MMI (it would freeze/reset MMI everytime), the Parking Brake Symble appearded. Ok, no biggy and I can live with that until I'm done with the Install. One day I was out and decided to pull the Parking Brake Lever to see what happens and that's when the system malfunctioned and would not release. After several tries, it was drivable, but now there is the Flashing Parking Brake Light and Brake Light (Pads). Now there is this annoying Buzzer that happens at every take off from a still position and finally Dead MMI. I always take great precaution with everything I do in life and this was no different, but being human has its shortfall even for a Perfectionist! I know that the DTCs that was posted in the Link were easy to clear, but the ones that will not clear are the ones that deal with MMI & Parking Brake (specifically the no power to left PB). These problems can occur on their own as I've read from various Audi Forums, but I think that I triggered my problems and hoping that someone can point to the Fault based on my particular information.

I warned everyone that I can be long winded, but I'm being Up Front and Personal.
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