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Think I may have a blown turbo.....

Old 07-05-2013, 06:53 PM
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Default Think I may have a blown turbo.....

2001 A6 2.7 auto

About 3 or 4 days ago my car started making the "dentist drill" noise on start up and lasted for about 15 to 20 seconds. Today as I got back to work from lunch I noticed a small amount of white smoke coming out from under the hood.

After I opened the hood I found that it was coming from the passenger side against the firewall and smelled like oil. About 6 inches down from the plastic shield that covers the air intake there is a small, what looks to be a valve, and a half inch rubber hose coming from it that is covered in oil.

From what I have read today I may need to replace the turbos. Anything else I might want to check before I have the turbos replaced? I would like to have the ko4 swap but the budget of a college student wont cut it.
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Hello, let's try to break this down:
-"Dentist drill" noise: if this was from your turbo, it would probably happen more often than just at startup. This may be a separate issue. Do a search on "suction jet pump" for your car, and you may find something (not sure if the 2.7T has one, but I know later 1.8T engines do).

-White smoke from under hood: a blown turbo will smoke from the exhaust, and it's my understanding this smoke will be slightly blue-ish. So unless you have an exhaust leak near the engine bay, then this smoke isn't from your turbo.

-Burning oil smell and visual appearance of oil from where you are describing could be due to leaking valve cover gasket(s). These can leak oil which may drip on the exhaust manifold(s), and then burn. It could also be worn/torn PCV plumbing that is leaking. If this plumbing has a tear it could have a gross oil-like smell.
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<a href=""><img src="http

Wasnt sure what link to use but I hope at least one of them showed up. The small amount of smoke was coming from just under the part where I have the arrow pointing. You can see the jet suction pump in the center of the pic.
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