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A8L microphone not working

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Default A8L microphone not working

Hello I am new to the forum and the Audi A8L. I am look for some help in determining why my microphone does not seem to work.
Can any one post a print out from VCDS / Advanced ID from a working voice command system. modules 67 voice command and 07 head unit Mine are below 2006 A8L I found a post that these must be at the same SW: revision for the Voice command system to work.
I have no error codes and all coding matches posted scans from working systems I have been able to find. Just looking to confirm or eliminate software revision as one possible cause.

1) Can Make calls
2) Can receive calls
3) Can here a caller
4) No one can hear me ( checked Microphone is not muted )
5) PTT button on wheel shows inactive when pressed but shows good in VCDS test.
6) MMI is running SW: 4610

My test seem to show SW not at the same revision but new to VCDS and do not know if highlighted in red is the numbers to compare.
Thanks for any help
will be looking at a timing belt change as I just hit 75K but seems similar to my 2002 VW Passat 2.8 V6

wanted to start and work through something simple or NOT as this is proving to be first.
Address 07: Control Head Labels: 4E0-910-7xx-07.lbl
Part No SW: 4E0 910 732 S HW: 4E0 035 729
Component: Interfacebox H43 4610
Revision: 00000000 Serial number: 303EE067522360
Coding: 0000003
Shop #: WSC 08599 002 1048576
VCID: B22852A82D12AEB128B-80E7

Subsystem 1 - Part No: 4E0 910 611
Component: E0380 BedienteilH03 0040

Subsystem 2 - Serial number: 00000000003360

Subsystem 3 - Serial number: 0117.03.060000000100010038

Subsystem 4 - Serial number: 010038

No fault code found.
__________________________________________________ ___
Address 67: Voice Control Labels: 4E0-910-75x-67.lbl
Part No SW: 4E0 910 754 Q HW: 4E0 035 753 A
Component: SDS 3501 US H46 0630
Revision: 00000000 Serial number: 00000907090290
Shop #: WSC 12336 024 394758
VCID: B42454B0D706A0813A7-80E1

No fault code found.
__________________________________________________ _____

Address 77: Telephone Labels: 4E0-910-336.lbl
Part No SW: 4F0 910 336 B HW: 4E0 862 335
Component: Handyvorb2 H11 0440
Revision: 00000000 Serial number: 00000007531867
Coding: 0010900
Shop #: WSC 02313 785 00200
VCID: A208A2E87DF23E31D8B-80F7

No fault code found.
__________________________________________________ __________

Address 16: Steering wheel (4E0 910 549 )

Not Oper. Blinker
Not Oper. Multi-Function Button (Left)
Activated Multi-Function Button (Right)
Not Oper. Thumb Wheel (Left)
Not Oper. Thumb Wheel (Right)

__________________________________________________ __________________
Address 07: Control Head
Control Module Part Number: 4E0 910 732 S
Component and/or Version: Interfacebox H43 4610
Software Coding: 0000003
Work Shop Code: WSC 08599
VCID: 3228D2A8AD122EB1A8B-8067
Additional Info: 4E0910611 E0380 BedienteilH03 0040
Additional Info: Geraet 1048576

Advanced Identification
Serial number: 303EE067522360
Identification: JTB-003
Revision: 00000000
Date: 14.02.13
Test stand number: 0002
Manufacturer number: 1340

Serial number: 00000000003360
Identification: PRE-001
Revision: 00000001
Date: 17.03.06
Test stand number: 0001
Manufacturer number: 0038
Hardware number: 4E0 035 729
VCDS Info:
Labels: 4E0-910-7xx-07.lbl


Address 47: Sound System
Control Module Part Number: 4E0 910 223 K
Component and/or Version: DSP-Amp.-High H13 0440
Software Coding: 0000016
Work Shop Code: WSC 02313
VCID: 250239F4ECDC49093D9-8070

Advanced Identification
Serial number: 00000000007384
Identification: RSU-001
Revision: PROD_01
Date: 06.02.06
Test stand number: 0000
Manufacturer number: 7384
Hardware number: 4E0 035 223 A
VCDS Info:
Labels: 4E0-910-223.lbl


Address 67: Voice Control
Control Module Part Number: 4E0 910 754 Q
Component and/or Version: SDS 3501 US H46 0630
Software Coding:
Work Shop Code: WSC 12336
VCID: 3424D4B057062081BA7-8061

Advanced Identification
Serial number: 00000907090290
Identification: TFU-030
Revision: 00000000
Date: 09.07.09
Test stand number: 0001
Manufacturer number: 0290
Hardware number: 4E0 035 753 A
VCDS Info:
Labels: 4E0-910-75x-67.lbl
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